Titan Fenrir and Skalli CPU Coolers Review

by AkG     |     December 1, 2009

Titan Fenrir & Skalli CPU Coolers Review

Today we are going to look at another new comer to HWC: Titan Technology Ltd. While Titan Tech is not exactly a well known company they do have over 20 years of manufacturing experience under their belts. Way back in 1989, a small Taipei based company called “Sogic Computer Co.” was founded and out of this small seed grew Titan Technology Ltd since back in 1992 the Sogic name was changed to Titan and the rest as they say is history. Titan is now a multinational company offering not only CPU cooling solutions but also a myriad of other cooling related items such as fans and GPU coolers. They even have their own factories to build their designs (located in China) which ensures higher quality standards are met throughout the production process.

In this review, we will be looking at a pair of Titans: the Fenrir and the Skalli. The Fenrir really needs no introduction as it has been making the rounds as one of the premier (if not THE premier) H.D.T cooler out there and we are really looking forward to putting this beastly product through the wringer. The Skalli on the other hand is another matter all together, and is aimed at a completely different market niche. While the Fenrir is aimed at high overclocking enthusiasts (or the silent PC enthusiast), the Skalli caters to those with smaller case environments or who will delve into moderate overclocking which requires a low noise, budget friendly cooling solution. This philosophy is accentuated by it’s used of “only” two 8mm heatpipes in its HDT base and a smaller, slower 100mm case-less fan.

Even though both products represent totally different target markets, they will surely provide an excellent comparison to one another and show exactly what both budget minded and enthusiast consumers can expect.

We should also note that we just recently introduced our new and improved testing methodology in the all-encompassing “7 Cooler Roundup”. However while we felt that this methodology did make for “apples to apples” comparison we also acknowledge that improvements can always be made and have done just that. As with most enthusiasts we spend a lot of time, effort and money actively looking for the coolest running CPU we can find. This may be will and fine for a end user it does make reviewing air coolers more difficult and can skew the potential of a given after market cooling solution. To this end we have found an older, hotter running “C0” stepping 920 which will really weed out the pretenders from the pack.


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