Titan Fenrir and Skalli CPU Coolers Review

by AkG     |     December 1, 2009

Stock Fan Performance Results


At stock heat loads (even on this hot running 920) the Fenrir comes out swinging and posts some down right great temperatures. To be honest we were expecting this as past experience has shown that this is where HDT coolers are at their best. It will be interesting to see how it does when the heat loads really start to climb.

Unlike the expected posting of the Fenrir, the Skalli with its very decent numbers DID surprise us. We really did not think two heatpipes would be able to hold their own against the best of the best. Heck, not only did it hold its own but it actually BEAT (by a narrow margin) the venerable OCZ Vendetta 2. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the Vendetta 2 is using its aftermarket “crossbow” backplate setup and the Skalli is “only” using a push-pin one. This easily could account for another degree or more of performance advantage to the Vendetta 2.


While the gap between the Fenrir and the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is about the same as when running at a lower CPU speed, the Hyper 212+ is still is not even close to matching Titan's flagship. The Titan Fenrir is not showing any signs of slowing and could be real competition for the Prolimatech once we get to the aftermarket fan results. It is too bad that Prolimatech does not include a fan with their coolers and as such we will have to wait a little while before it enters the fray.

On the Skalli side of things its dual heatpipes, less than optimal mounting setup and smaller fan are starting to show the strain. It is still neck and neck with the Vendetta 2, but their positions have been swapped. As we said earlier, it is a shame that this cooler does not come with a backplate mounting setup as the difference between the two is close enough that this very well could be the reason for the shift in positions.


When we cranked the heat WAY up, the Fenrir’s lead over the competition actually increased. The reason for this sudden increase is that it appears that we have actually started to surpass the thermal load limits of the Cooler Master Hyper 212+, where as the larger (and much more efficient) 8mm heatpipes of the Fenrir still have efficiency to burn. At high heat loads like this, any defect (no matter how small) in fin array or base design will start showing and to be honest these Fenrir numbers are very impressive.

The Titan Skalli is still going strong and is still giving the Vendetta 2 a run for its money. It may be at the bottom of these new charts but this is only because we have removed all the flotsam and jetsam from them. Being able to not only compete against the best of the best in its price range but actually give them a right and proper horse race really does show how superbly designed this small and low noise cooler has been. It really is a crying shame that we cannot mount a standard 120mm fan to this cooler as with a proper high performance fan.

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