Intel Core i7 / LGA1366 CPU Cooler Roundup

by AkG     |     October 20, 2009

ZeroTherm Nirvana 120 Installation

As with many of the bigger coolers the ZeroTherm Nirvana needs a backplate to be installed. To start this installation we recommend removing your motherboard from your case but if your case has a cut out in the motherboard for backplate installations, you may not need to.

For all intents and purposes, this is a three stage installation procedure. The first thing you have to do is peel off the adhesive backing on the backplate and stick it in the proper place. When this is accomplished you can lay the motherboard back down and get started on prepping the Nirvana.

This cooler does not ship with any mounting bracket installed so you now have to set it up for the CPU system you have (in our case i7). The four spring loaded screws slide into each of the corners of this “top plate” and into the backplate. In a very nice move the small screws which secure these spring loaded retention screws in place also secure the top plate to the cooler.

The last stage is to prep your CPU, apply your TIM and mount the Nirvana 120. With the help of a long handled screwdriver you secure the NV120 to the backplate, which in turn secures the whole works to the motherboard. For the two screws located under the fan you can easily remove the fan (pinch the metal tabs near the base and pull up) to get to them and then replace it afterwards. You can now plug in the fan and reinstall the motherboard and you are good to go! All in all, this cooler offers a very easy, trouble free installation.

Intel i7 Installation

As with many properly designed heatsinks, the Nirvana reduces the chances of the fin array touching or blocking your motherboard heatsinks by having a high starting point for its fin array. Even though it is a very unusual shape (with most of the fins on one side of the CPU) the other main worry with this cooler is the RAM being blocked. This too is not a worry as the wings may be large…but not that large.

AMD Installation

On the AMD side of things you actually have an even easier time as this uses the stock AMD backplate and plastic top retention ring. About the only thing that you have to do is use the AMD bracket, apply your TIM, mount the Nirvana 120 and clip it in place. Voila, you are done! As with the Intel side things you should not have many (if any) issues with motherboard heatsinks or blocking your ram slots.

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