Corsair P64 64GB SSD Review

by AkG     |     August 25, 2009

Corsair P64 64GB SSD Review

Manufacturer Page: Welcome to Corsair :: Solid State Disk Drives
Part Number: CMFSSD-64GBG2D
TechWiki Info: Corsair P64
Price: about $125
Warranty: 2 years

When Corsair released their first ever SSD a little while ago it made some waves in the enthusiast community since it was the first time you could buy a Samsung controller-based SSD which would be backed by Corsair’s great warranty and support. While we never looked at that SSD in an official capacity, the one area where that model line had a perceived limitation was in the pure performance department. The drives were first and foremost designed for a smooth and stutter free experience…with insane performance above and beyond a certain point trailing way back in the list of priorities. This in turn gifted the Corsair M line with one of the few truly stutter free SSDs out at that time. In many ways that drive had a purpose and it succeed at that purpose: it made Corsair a player in the SSD arena and gave them some much needed “street cred”.

Well Corsair is back and this time not only we do we have a sample to torture but this one has been designed and labeled as a Performance model SSD (thus the “P” in the model name). Unfortunately, the Corsair P64 is not widely available at retailers and e-tailers yet but it should be soon and will go for about $125 USD. Not only does it sport a reasonable, and very competitive price it also has the latest and greatest Samsung controller. The specs are also drool-worthy and it will make for one heck of an interesting comparison against the more widely entrenched Indilinx and Intel controller-based SSDs we have reviewed in the past.

In many people's minds, Samsung was bumped out of their king-of-the-hill position by Intel and then to add insult to injury were again one-upped by a relatively unknown company named Indilinx. Does Samsung have blood in their eyes and are looking to regain the crown? Are they finally getting the idea that the aftermarket storage marketplace is just as big if not bigger than the OEM marketplace? Will we see other Samsung based SSDs, following in the OCZ Summit and now the Corsair P-series' footsteps coming out of the woodwork? One way or another, the biggest question really is: how does particular Corsair drive stack up against the X-25M and Indilinx Barefoot controller SSDs that have been flooding the market as of late?


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