Corsair Professional HX850 850W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     August 5, 2009

Corsair Professional HX850 850W Power Supply Review

Product Number: CMPSU-850HX
Price: Click Here to Compare Prices
Manufacturer’s Product Page: Corsair HX850W
TechWiki Info: Corsair HX850W
Warranty: 7 Years
Availability: Now

By now we all know that a quality power supply will not only help with system stability but it can also save you money on your electricity bill. As power supply reviews continue here at Hardware Canucks, it is becoming more and more evident that the powers that be are pushing efficiency above all else. The 80Plus designation has allowed manufacturers to give potential customers a tangible certification so they can better determine their power savings and many have embraced it.

While we hope that overall build quality will not be sacrificed to eke out the best possible efficiency numbers, some companies have made sure their old “high quality, high efficiency” mentality stays is place. As you may have already guessed, Corsair has been fighting with all hands on deck to ensure output quality remains top notch while efficiency numbers increase. One of their latest creations is the HX850; a power supply that promises to take this merry bunch of buccaneers to the pinnacle of power supply supremacy.

Even though this power supply is part of their new “Professional” series, many of you are probably thinking that the HX850 is nothing more than a modular TX850 that sports an accordingly inflated price point. Fortunately, there is much more lurking below the surface of this product and its sibling the HX750 than just a fancy paint job and a modular interface. These units use a completely different platform from anything that has been previously put in play by Corsair and the HX850 in particular is graced with an 80Plus Silver rating as a consequence.

There must be plenty of you who are saying “that sounds great, but what’s it cost?” Fortunately, a lot less than you may think. While many high quality competing 850W power supplies from the likes of Silverstone, Thermaltake and Cooler Master retail for above $200, the HX850 normally goes for about $210CAD and has been seen for $180CAD after mail in rebates are taken into account. With Corsair’s longstanding tradition of great customer support and one of the best warranties in the business at 7 years, customers have been shown to be more than willing to pay a slight price premium for their products.

This review will be particularly interesting since we will be comparing the HX850 directly to its less expensive, non-modular predecessor: the TX850. Will the newcomer have the performance necessary to make the price difference immaterial? We intend to find out.


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