GlacialTech UFO V51 CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     July 4, 2009

GlacialTech UFO V51 CPU Cooler Review

Manufacturer Product Page: Global glacialtech
Part Number: UFO V51 silent
TechWiki Info: UFO V51 - TechWiki
Availability: Limited
Price: MSRP $59 USD (aprox $72.82 CND)

Today’s review really brought out some fond memories for this reviewer. It may have only been a little over a year ago that we took an in-depth look at GlacialTech’s last offering the Igloo 5750 but in the span of one short year we went from having almost no Air Cooler reviews to one heck of a good comparison chart. Heck, for me personally the Igloo review seems like an eternity ago as it was over 50 reviews ago for me.

It is with fond nostalgia we present the latest and greatest GlacialTech offering for your reading enjoyment: the UFO V51. If past memories are correct, the UFO should indeed make for one heck of an impressive cooler on the NOISE level front; but what is going to be very, very interesting is its level of performance on the COOLING performance side of things. For those who have not read our review, we would ask you to take a moment and skim through past cooling reviews as you will quickly see how far HWC has come in a “mere” year.

GlacialTech may not be as well known as the likes of Thermalright or Asus or other first rate, top notch manufacturers but lack of public awareness aside, GlacialTech does make some awfully good tech. After all, they are run by a bunch of PHDs and factory owners and offer everything from CPU coolers to LED lighting. To us this means they not only have abstract but practical experience in designing kick arse kit.

The UFO V51’s availability is severely limited right now, but if past GlacialTech's product distribution is any indication, you should be able to pick this little fella up fairly soon and at a reasonable price. Right now the MSRP is about $60USD but when it does hit you never can tell in advance what that will convert too.

The biggest question we have with this cooler is not the noise performance of it as we fully expect this little guy to excel in this area; rather what will be very interesting is how well it handles the hot running i7s. After all this particular cooler is labelled as a “Gaming Solution Cooling” unit so its level of expectations are already high. Is this a classic example of the PR department writing cheques the UFO V51 can’t cash? Let’s find out.


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