BFG 9800 GT 512MB ThermoIntelligence Passive Cooling Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     April 7, 2009

BFG 9800 GT ThermoIntelligence Specs

As already mentioned, the specifications for BFG’s card are in-line with that of the reference card and not one MHz higher in any aspect. This is slightly disappointing considering the kick-ass cooler this thing has straddling its PCB but unfortunately increased clocks just weren’t meant to be.

Packaging and Accessories

The packaging for the BFG 9800 GT ThermoIntelligence Passive is typical for BFG’s e-tailer destined cards. In all of our BFG reviews we mention this but it is worth mentioning again: BFG packages the cards for online stores differently from those sent to brick and mortar retailers. As such, the box is quite a bit plainer than what you would normally see from many other manufacturers.

Hold on, what? Exactly how much can it vary? Either it has a Thermalright heatsink or it doesn’t and truth be told, this isn’t something that instilled much confidence in us. Hopefully, this is just BFG covering their butts legally rather than an indication that they can change the actual product without advising their customers.

Even though the Thermalright heatsink on this card isn’t a wilting daisy when it comes to durability, BFG does a good job making sure nothing happens to it during transport. Basically, the card is wrapped in the usual bubble wrap, protected by another layer of foam padding and finally wrapped in a form-fitting cardboard box.

Accessories are what you would expect in the way of adaptors, connectors, instruction manuals and advertisements. However, much like the 3D Vision kit we took a look at a while back, it seems that BFG has included a coupon which will entitle you to 10% off the digital download of certain games. We checked availability and it seems even brand new games like Dawn of War II are included in this offer so hopefully people will take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, BFG did not include the wire fan clips that typically come with all of Thermalright’s coolers since they consider this to be a truly passive solution. Don’t worry though, in a later section we will show you how to easily install a single 92mm fan onto this card. Another issue we see here is the fact that there is no S/PDIF connector or DVI to HDMI adaptor included even though many people will want a passively cooled card for their HTPCs.

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