OCZ 6GB PC3-12800 Platinum DDR3 Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

by MAC     |     March 15, 2009

OCZ 6GB PC3-12800 Platinum DDR3 Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

Price: $150+ CND Price Comparison
TechWiki Info: OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum CL6 Edition Low-Voltage Triple Channel
Manufacturer Product Page:
OCZ Technology
Manufacturer's Part Number: OCZ3P1600LV6GK
Warranty: Lifetime warranty

OCZ is a company that needs no introduction to the tech community. Starting from humble grass-roots beginnings in 2000, OCZ entered the memory market with a determination to manufacture the best enthusiast memory products on the market and with unparalled customer service as well. Having successfully captured the hearts and minds of overclockers worldwide, the company ventured into other areas, creating a business profile that encompassed not only CPU coolers, power supplies and input devices, but also two stints in the graphics card market. The company was further bolstered by its 2007 acquisition of world-renowned power supply manufacturer PC Power & Cooling. More recently, OCZ has begun manufacturing a number of relatively affordable solid state drive (SSD) models, one of which we will be reviewing shortly.

When the Core i7 processors were launched in November, the Intel recommended memory voltage limits, integrated memory controller, and triple-channel memory interface created a new dynamic in the DDR3 memory industry with a wide array of product opportunities and technical challenges. On the one hand, memory manufacturers would now be able to create and sell new product lines based on triple-channel 3GB/6GB/12GB/24GB DDR3 memory kits, but on the other hand no longer could memory manufacturers rely so heavily on voltage in order to maximize frequencies and tighten timings. The result? Well, let's take a look at the product at hand.

Now it has been far too long since Hardware Canucks has tested some OCZ memory, so today we are proud to bring you a review of the OCZ OCZ3P1600LV6GK, a triple-channel 6GB PC3-12800 memory kit sporting 7-7-7-24 timings at 1.65V. While this low latency kit has impressive specifications, it is its admirably low price that draws our attention. This memory kit retails for as low as $150CDN (even lower with available mail-in rebates), which is unbelievable Bang for the Buck. There is no denying that in recent months DDR3 prices have tumbled like a drunk down a flight of stairs, but we would never expected such value so soon.

Evidently we are impressed by its price, but will we be as impressed by its operation? Let's find out.


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