DFI LanParty UT X58-T3eH8 LGA 1366 Motherboard Review

by 3oh6     |     March 12, 2009

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DFI LanParty UT X58-T3eH8 LGA1366 Motherboard Review

Price: $374+ CND Price Comparison
Manufacturer Product Page: DFI
TechWIKI Info: DFI Lanparty UT X58-T3eH8 - TechWIKI
Manufacturer's Part Number: LPUTX58T3EH8
Warranty: Warranty Information Unavailable

The hits just keep on coming here at Hardware Canucks. First, the ASUS Rampage Extreme II opened our Intel i7 production, followed by the EVGA X58 SLI in the second act, and the finale is being played by perhaps the most exciting; the DFI LanParty UT X58-T3eH8. The DFI LanParty lineup has always been about performance, based around the UT nomenclature. Recent chipset iterations have opened up the DFI production list and it is now filled with not only UT motherboards but LT, DK, and Jr lines as well. DFI has also introduced an entirely new line called Blood-Iron with both Intel P35 and P45 options. This diversity has really helped bring DFI further into the mainstream markets to compliment their already entrenched reputation with enthusiasts and overclockers.

Ever since the early AMD Socket 7 and into the 939 days, DFI has been known as an enthusiast motherboard supplying monster. I personally have a DFI nF4 Ultra-D on my wall of fame, right where it belongs. Known for limitless BIOS options that allow fine-tuning for the most intense motherboard manipulating artists, DFI motherboards have always stood to be a bit daunting for the beginner or average overclocker. There may be truth to this fact, but DFI has always had the appropriate support through community driven forums to accommodate their complex motherboards. They continue that support with DFI Club today and we also noticed a vast number of FAQ articles ranging from cooling to overclocking on their primary LanParty web site. The DFI LanParty web site may not always be the fastest and it may be slightly un-intuitive to navigate, but it does have a lot of information contained within its borders. Perhaps this complexity is a natural parallel to their LanParty motherboards. No matter how you critique the web site, DFI knows performance motherboards and the Core i7 is sure to love the latest of the LanParty series.

Today we look at the crest of the LanParty mountain, and the UT series top dog. The DFI LanParty UT X58-T3eH8 is based on the Intel X58 chipset and supports all the features that has made the Intel X58 one of the most diverse and powerful chipsets to date. Features like Quad CrossFireX and 3-way SLI operation, six triple-channel memory DIMM slots, and dual gigabit LAN connections are all present on the UT X58-T3eH8. Of course, being the DFI flagship on the Core i7 ocean, DFI has pulled out all the stops in the cooling and BIOS departments. There is a DreamHack amount of information to cover so we will cut the opening act short and move on to the Specifications and Features section right now.


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