Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Case Review

by lemonlime     |     March 4, 2009

Cooling Performance

As you can see, the Spedo performs quite well, besting the open bench configuration, but falling short of the Storm Sniper by about three degrees. Interestingly, the ATC system seemed to do little for the Spedo when it comes to CPU cooling.

The motherboard sensor in the Asus M3A78-T is located between the two PCI-Express 16x slots, so lower temperatures read by this sensor usually equate to lower GPU temperatures. As you can see, a combination of the side-panel fan and the “fan bar” allowed the Spedo to shave a full 10°C off of our recording with the Storm Sniper. Interestingly, all of that ATC plastic really does seem to make a difference. The GPU thermal chamber clearly helped to direct air from the front to back of the case.

Since our two HD 3850s are not identical, GPU1 is always a few degrees toastier than GPU2. Please note that this has more to do with the cards themselves than their relative positioning in the case.

Although the motherboard sensor told us that the Spedo reduced the temperature between the GPUs, the GPU cores themselves were not cooled as effectively as they were in the Storm Sniper. In fact, even the open bench test, with no case fans whatsoever did better. This was a bit surprising as the massive 230mm fan, and the 120mm fan on the “fan bar” seemed like overkill when compared to the relatively simple cooling configuration employed by the Storm Sniper. Clearly more, louder fans does not always equate to better overall cooling performance as we’ve proven in this test.

On a positive note, the GPU thermal chamber certainly did improve our GPU temperatures. As air flows from the “fan bar” fan, it is forced to follow a path across both GPUs and out the rear of the case. Without the chamber, this fan’s output is simply not as “directed”. This is pretty significant, as the massive side panel fan isn’t nearly as effective with the ATC cover in place.

With the GPUs at idle, there is very little difference between all four configurations. Once again, we see that the Spedo doesn’t cool the GPUs as well without the ATC system.

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