Corsair Dominator GT 3x2GB PC3-15000 Triple Channel Memory Review

by 3oh6     |     February 22, 2009

Package & Contents

With our sample of the Corsair Dominator-GT coming direct from Corsair, we are pretty sure that the package sent out to customers ordering from their online store are going to receive the same as us. With a premium product like the Dominator-GT triple channel kits, you need to have a premium package and Corsair has supplied that.

Taking a page out of the Thermalright book, Corsair has gone with a non-descript plain white box for shipping their modules. Reviewers have been receiving these packages for years now and they have always provided a very safe environment for memory, so it is good to see them go retail with the same package. The TR3X6G1866C7GTF comes with a Corsair Airflow fan as denoted by the F in the model number. That is the small box we see on the right hand side of the interior. The rest of the package is filled with air pillows. There is absolutely no movement of the interior contents and users should find their packages in perfect shape when ordering from the Corsair online store.

Peeling away all of the protective air pillows reveals a stack of modules secured individually, each in a molded plastic blister pack. Corsair was also kind enough to throw in a 4GB Flash Voyager Mini. It is unclear if this will be a bonus in the retail packages or not, but it was a nice little bonus for us. Just don't go complaining to Corsair if one doesn't show up with your memory. The individual wrapping of each module in a separate molded plastic blister pack just adds to the security of the modules during transport. There is little to absolutely no chance of the memory, or the Airflow fan being damaged during transport. Our FedEx shipping box looked like it made a stop through the UPS warehouse but the interior contents are perfectly preserved.

Like the interior of the larger package, the inside of the Airflow fan package is also packed securely through the use of air pillows. The parts are then wrapped individually with the brackets and mounting hardware in one package and the fan assembly itself in another. Overall, the protection of the components in this package is over the top. Corsair has gone to great lengths to ensure that these Dominator-GT modules and their accessories show up at your door in good shape. We were a fan of Thermalright plain brown boxes and the security they offered, and we are just as pleased with the Corsair plain white box.

The Airflow fan is a very simple design but effective. The fan assembly consists of the main body containing two 60mm fans and the mounting hardware required to attach the fans to the DIMM slots. These are held in place with four included thumb screws. The main assembly comes apart quite easily by loosening the eight screws that also secure the two fans in place. As we can see, there isn't a whole lot to the design but simple is always the best way to go. The first generation of Airflow fan introduced with the original Dominator modules contained three smaller fans but with the added width of the triple channel memory, Corsair was able to increase the fan size to standard 60mm fans. It is nice to see Corsair take full advantage of the larger footprint that is synonymous with triple channel memory kits.

The power cables for the fans are joined into a single 3-pin standard fan connection and come from Corsair with a nice black sleeve, shrink wrapped at both ends. Corsair has ensured that the entire assembly is very esthetically pleasing. Keeping with the Dominator-GT colors of red and black provides a cohesive look to the Airflow fan assembly when matched up with the modules. The fans themselves are standard 60mm fans but with no identification stickers or numbers on them, we can't even speculate the manufacturer or their specifications.

Assembling the Airflow fan is as easy as sliding the two mounting brackets in place and securing them with the thumbscrews. Again, this is a very simple yet effective design. They will sit high enough off the memory to provide ample airflow and with a pair of 60mm fans, there should be lots of air moving over the Dominator-GT modules. If that last photo isn't a beautiful sight, then I don't know what is. Let's take a closer look at these red "hot rod" modules.


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