SilverStone RV01 Raven Case Review

by AkG     |     February 1, 2009

SilverStone RV01 Raven Case Review

Manufacture Product Page: RAVEN
Model Number: SST-RV01-BW
TechWiki Info: Silverstone RV01 Raven
Net Weight: 15KG
To check Prices Click: Here
Warranty: 1 year

It certainly is not everyday that we come across a case which is truly unique. Sure we have reviewed many cases, some of which you could argue are unique for their near perfection; however, even the greatest have all used the same tried and true layout in a typical East West / Back to Front fashion (or ATX or BTX format). Today’s case is special, for it truly is unique; it literally takes conventional wisdom and lays it on its ear.

The case we are referring to is the all new SilverStone Raven. This is certainly not a cheap case with a retail price of $235CAD and up, nor is it most likely going to be available in every brick and mortar / mom and pop computer store. At this point it is available in limited quantities from many retailers and e-tailers throughout the country but its unique styling may end up being its own worst enemy. After all, its one thing to bring in an expensive case you know someone will want but it is a bit of a stretch to expect many consumers to take a risk on case which is completely different from anything they have seen before. Especially in this economic climate.

Unlike conventional wisdom, which has the motherboard laid out in such a way that the PCI slots and I/O connectors are located at the back of the case, the Raven has the whole entire “back” of the case repositioned so it is literally the TOP. Heat does rise so we can see some merit to this design scheme but we can also see a lot of potential negatives as well. In the end we have a feeling the success or failure of this case hinges on how well the engineers over at SilverStone have done their jobs and not only anticipated these hazards but actually designed workarounds to either minimize or remove said hazards. This to us makes this case not only interesting from a structural point of view but also from an engineering one.

We also have a sneaking suspicion that this case is going to make it or break it on a more visceral level and be an all or nothing affair. Either you will love its unique layout or you will loath it; it is as simple as that. To us this is the sign of a great company, as any company can produce a great “normal” case (as long as they are willing to invest the time, money and resources into doing it right); but, its something all together different to attack a market niche no one else even sees and then have the moral fortitude to actually build that niche’s “perfect case”. It is for this reason we are not surprised it is those maverick’s over at SilverStone which have released an enclosure that bucks every trend out there.

SilverStone may have only been around since 2003, but in this short time they really shaken the aftermarket computer industry and some would even go as far to say they have taken it by storm. Whether its their great power supplies, or their top of the line cases, the name SilverStone to many people literally translates to QUALITY; and this something many, many older more established companies would kill to have. To have done so in such a relatively short period of time speaks volumes about them.

Where this the Raven is likely going to be an all or nothing affair we will do our best to provide you with the knowledge and the tools you need to decide whether or not this case is right for YOU. With that in mind, sit back, grab your favourite beverage and let’s get this ride started!


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