G.Skill 6GB PC3-12800 Triple Channel DDR3 Kit Review

by MAC     |     January 28, 2009

Package & Memory Overview

...but before we see exactly what we can do with it, letís have a quick look at the package and modules.

G.Skill has packaged the F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ in a standard plastic clamshell with cardboard insert, which is par for the course for a mainstream memory kit. We are sometimes wary to see this type of packaging because modules can sometimes become loose, but these modules were mounted snug and tight with zero indication that they could pop out. While solid, the packaging can thankfully be opened by hand, it does not require a knife to open, so the less dexterous among you will not have to worry about accidentaly severing one or multiple digits. Put your four-fingered hands up for G.Skill!

As part of the NQ series, this memory kit is drapped in sleek bright red heatspreaders with a few mirror-like details. Although this heatspreader design is more conservative than the extragavant heatsinks we have grown accustomed to, they still look great in our eyes, especially when matched with the Rampage II Extreme. Obviously, we wouldn't mind seeing colour-coordinated PCB in this Day & Age, but that is an inconsequential gripe. The most notable and positive difference between these heatspreaders and the ones used on past NQ series products is that G.Skill have foregone the heatspreader clips, which keeps the overall look sleek and unblemished.

In this close-up, we can see that the modules are double-sided and that the heatspreaders are making good contact with both sides of the ICs. Detaching one side of the heatspreader reveals that the thermal material used is simple thermal tape. It will be interesting to see whether this rudimentary material will do an adequate job at transferring heat from the ICs to the heatsinks during our intense overclocking tests.

Money Shot

Now since we know you expect us at HWC to delve in deeper than other sites, we have risked life, limb, and property to remove the heatspreaders and reveal to you the secretive ICs that form the basis for this memory kit. So without further ado...

At first glance it is evident that these chips have been relabeled/silk screened by G.Skill. This cleverly prevents us from determining who the true manufacturer is, and regrettably none of the provided markings shed any light on the origins of the ICs. You win this round G.Skill, for now...

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