CoolIT Domino A.L.C CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     January 11, 2009

CoolIT Domino A.L.C CPU Cooler Review

Manufacture Product Page: Domino A.L.C.
TechWiki Info: Domino A.L.C.
Availability: Now
Price: $89.99 (direct from CoolIT)
Warranty: 2 year

It truly is amazing how many people are getting their feet wet for the first time with water cooling. Though the real amazing part is that these are the self same people who would never have even thought about water cooling just a few years ago. The aftermarket cooling industry is certainly undergoing another paradigm shift as more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the inherit limitations of air cooling. This is not to say HDT air coolers are lacking but even the best of the best of air coolers pales in comparison to a good WC setup. Unfortunately, a lot of these beginners look at setting up a custom loop as a daunting task. This in turn has created a whole new niche market whose products are designed to help give first time wc’ers the confidence they need to take the full plunge to a full blown custom water loop (and in a lot of cases skip plain old water and go for more powerful and exotic Peltier systems like the Freezone Elite.).

While this may be a new, and albeit fledgling niche, this does not mean competition is numerous and fierce! In the past we reviewed the CoolIT PURE, and while we liked its quiet, extremely low noise envelop, it was not designed for high performance cooling. Due to this limitation the Asetek LCLC was able to beat it quite handily; well things are about to change!

Today we will be looking at all new CoolIT Domino A.L.C. (Advanced Liquid Cooling) CPU Cooling solution that offers first time users the ability to step into the water cooling arena with out really getting their feet wet in the process (pardon the pun). The Domino is advertised as having the ability to not only cool your hot running i7, 775 or AM2 CPUs, but is also able to customize its characteristics “on the fly” with a simple push of a button. This really does put a new spin on things and we are itching to see how this innovative tweak works in a realistic environment.

This bad boy has just been released and as such availability is limited; however it is available directly from CoolIT and should quickly become available at select e-tailers and retailers through out the country. The Domino has a MSRP of $80 USD, which is pretty good deal for an all in one setup. While we are going to take a close look at the push button controls, the biggest question we are going to try to provide you with an answer to is whether or not this extra monetary investment is worth it; or will the Asetek’s low price point end up poking holes in CoolIT's new baby.


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