Antec Skeleton Open Air Case Review

by lemonlime     |     December 28, 2008

Antec Skeleton Open Air Case Review

Manufacture Product Page: Antec Skeleton
Model Number: Skeleton (UPC #: 0761345-15125-2)
TechWiki Info: Antec Skeleton
Price: Click here to compare prices
Warranty: 3 years

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few years has undoubtedly heard of Antec, a popular maker of consumer cases and power supplies. Founded way back in 1986, they have become very well known for their high quality products and reasonable prices. Antec’s products are not only very popular among enthusiasts, but also system builders and the mainstream markets. Their reach extends just about everywhere and their products are available for sale at just about any online or walk-in retailer in Canada and abroad.

Antec has had many successes in the enclosure market over the last year, and has recently penetrated the HTPC market as well. One of their most successful cases, the “Antec 900” is making waves in the enthusiast community with its impressive looks, high performance cooling and affordable price. The Sonata line has also been very popular for people looking for an affordable and high-quality case and PSU combo.

Today, we won’t be looking at one of Antec’s traditional tower, desktop or HTPC cases, but rather something completely different—the Antec Skeleton. The Skeleton is an open air case that does not have solid panels and grilles like a regular computer case. The PC hardware within is literally exposed. So, who in their right mind would buy a computer case that leaves hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars of hardware out in the open for pets to chew on and drinks to spill on? We can pretty much guarantee that your “average Joe” is not interested in such a case. There are, however some enthusiasts that just love staring at their components and when a case window isn’t enough, an open-air case is the next logical step.

Open air cases are really not a new phenomenon. In fact, system builders and those who frequently swap and test hardware components have been using cases like Highspeed’s “TechStation” for years. Interestingly, this somewhat useful application of an open air design is not what Antec is catering to. Rather, they’ve got their crosshairs targeted squarely on the enthusiast community. More specifically, they are targeting those who are looking for a very unique case that provides “stylish cooling”.

The open air aspect of the Skeleton is definitely the “stylish” part of that equation but Antec sure didn’t leave out the “cooling” either. A massive 250mm fan dominates the top of the Skeleton and promises to provide heaps of down-draft airflow to the entire system.

Let’s take a closer look at this oddity and see what it offers!


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