Cooler Master ATCS 840 Full Tower Case Review

by AkG     |     January 18, 2009

Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review

Manufacture Product Page: ATCS 840 - Cooler Master
Model Number: RC-840-SSN1-GP (silver version)
TechWiki Info: RC-840-SSN1-GP
Weight: 29.21 lbs
Availability: now
Price: Click Here To Compare Prices
Warranty: 2 years

Very recently we reviewed what arguably could be considered one of the very best water cooling AND air cooling cases to come along in a long time. Of course we are referring to the Cooler Master HAF 932. The only complaint that we had with that award winning case is the fact that its exterior styling may rub some people the wrong way.

It seems that Cooler Master has listened to this common complaint and has reinvigorated the ATCS line. The ATCS line or the Active Thermal Convection System is all about classic conservative styling. Some may call it boring but the shear engineering that goes into these cases has made them a favorite of many an long time DIYíer.

While the ATCS is known for its classic good looks what it is best known for (and thus the moniker ATCS) is high performance cooling with as many strategically placed fans as they can cram into a case. In this case Cooler Master has fit in not one, not two, but THREE of those 230x200mm monsters and they have done it without resorting to sticking one on the side panel. Lots of fans is all well and fine but where the strategy comes into play (and thus giving the engineering wizards at CM the ability to call it a ďsystemĒ) is the fact that these fans are placed where they will do the most good. Whether that means pushing hot air out of the case with the least effort and noise, or pulling cool air in where its needed most this is what ATCS line is know for.

The other big difference besides the styling and the whole ATC system which helps separate this case from the HAF is the fact it is made from light weight aluminum. Trust us, it makes a heck of a big difference weight-wise between this case and the HAF 932. Heck this case is down right svelte for something this big!

This of course is only the Coles notes version of what makes a ATCS case a ATCS case. Over the next dozen or so pages we will take this case apart and go over all its nooks and crannies (with photos!) to see if this is the case for everyone who wants a HAF 932 but is turned off by either the weight or even just the looks. To this end we will be doing a lot of comparing and contrasting with the HAF 932 and will actually being using this as our measuring stick so to speak. Is this totally fair? Yes and no; comparing anything to HAF 932 is certainly a job in and of itself for any case but this is not your ordinary everyday product. This is the ATCS`s premier case, and as such people already have high expectations for it!

This case is becoming widely available from e-tailers and retailers nation wide and goes for a princely sum of $300. This is actually a heck of a lot more than the HAF 932 fetches but is it worth the premium? Buying a case is a highly personal and subjective endeavor and we hope that by the end of this review you will have a clear idea whether or not this is the right product for you. With that being said we are itching to rip open the cardboard box and peek inside so let the fun begin!


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