Hardware Canucks Christmas Wishlist

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     December 14, 2008

As Christmas approaches, we should all know what we want by now but there are always those hold outs who wait for the last minute to put in their requests. This usually leaves loved ones running around like checkens with their heads cut off in these final days of 2008 shopping but as long as you get what you want, their sacrifice is worth it, right? There is also a flip side to this coin; what if you are the one looking for that final gift for your tech-savvy boyfriend, girlfriend or office secret Santa? One way or another, Hardware Canucks has you covered.

Since all the staff members here can be considered tech-savvy (if they aren’t, it has been one hell of a charade they have been pulling) we asked them to pool their thoughts so we could come up with a list of products we could recommend this holiday season. So many good ideas were presented that this article will now encompass everyone’s own “best of” list of Geeky gifts that will fit every budget from a few bucks to a couple hundred thousand dollars. One way or another, hopefully our lists help you with your holiday shopping or at the very least give you something to hunt down come Boxing Day.

On a more personal note, everyone here at Hardware Canucks would like to thank you our readers for your support this past year. It has been a year filled with challenges, amazing products, great community discussions and quite a bit of success for this website that started off as a twinkle in our imagination. It is because of you that we will continue to bring you unbiased reviews, in-depth articles and continue to expand Hardware Canucks in the New Year. To all of you: have a save and wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring you joy, happiness and prosperity.


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