Hardware Canucks Christmas Wishlist

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     December 14, 2008

Anthony's (AkG) List

Well its that time of the year again and its time to put a big ol’ hurtin’ on Ye Olde Abused Credit Card! All joking aside with the economy on the verge of going into Sir John Crapper’s famous invention, its our civic duty to SPEND our way out of this mess before its tooooooo laaaaaaate and what better to that then on some tech goodies for the geek in all of us!

To help you do your civic duty (and score some really neat tech pr0n in the process…instead of socks…who REALLY needs socks? Heck what kind of “loved one” GIVES sock!?) this my goodie collection for this Christmas:

For Geeks on a Budget
Product: Powermonkey Portable Charger
Price: Price Compare
Details: Powermonkey Portable Charger Classic

This little handy fella will quickly fill up even the most dead of batteries PDQ (pretty darn quickly for you laymen). Best of all it comes free with a host of adapters to allow you to charge a whole passel of tech goodies! In one easy swap you can go from charging your IPod to charging your Cell phone….all without shelling out extra dough for proprietary adapters. With a price of roughly $49.00 USD at your favorite geek swag shops, it says you care about both your wallet and your toys!

For the Hardware Geek
Product: Intel X25-M 80GB SSD
Price: Price Compare
Details: Intel® Mainstream SATA Solid State Drives

In the mid range category we actually have TWO devices which are must haves for the power geek. On the one hand if you have more than $500 (but less than 1K) to spend for that special someone the Intel X25-M 80GB SSD should be at the top of your list! It is simply the fastest drive out there and like everything on bleeding edge your wallet is going to feel! It is available in limited quantities from most e-tailers for around $800.

Product: CoolIt Dual Drive Bay GPU Cooler
Price: $200.00
Details: Dual Drive Bay GPU Cooler
If SSDs are not your thing but hardcore gaming is then the Coolit NV200 VGA Coldplate (now with 280 GTX compatibility) might just float your boat! Lets face it; nothing puts a damper on getting your Frag On like a banshee war cry coming from the OC’ed Nvidia 280 or ATI 4870 x2! Put a silencer on that puppy, overclock it even more and enjoy the bliss of quiet! What could possibly be better than that? Right now they are pre-order only, but I would doubt CoolIT will miss the Christmas rush so drop them an email and get the 411 straight from the (gift) horses mouth!

For the Geek Who Has it All
Product: Asus G7 Series Notebook
Price: Price Compare
Details: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Know somebody who already has everything? Need something you know they don’t got? Well then you are in luck! How does a ASUS G71, 17 inch QUAD core Laptop with a Coolit MTEC Docking Station (to keep it from burning your desk!) sound? As this laptop is a Republic of Gamers laptop it not only comes with a QX9300 it also comes with a GeForce 9700M GT GPU, Blu-Ray drive and can hold TWO frakin’ hard drives. Now that we think about it….drop in two Intel X25M SSDs…RAID 0 them…and watch your wallet and credit cards BURN!

This bad boy is by Special Order only and will set up back anywhere from just a little over $2k to more than $3.5K with all the bells and whistles. So get ‘em while they’re hot!

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