Hardware Canucks Christmas Wishlist

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     December 14, 2008

John's (3.0charlie) List

For Geeks on a Budget
Product: Syba USB Vacuum Cleaner (With Turbo)
Price: Price Compare
Details: Syba Web

Whatís worst that a cluttered desk with dust balls rolling gently on top of your keyboard, and having to clear your desk to clean it properly? Enter the Syba USB vacuum cleaner with Turbo Button... itís factory overclocked. A must have for any serious overclocker! I wonder how far the Best of the ocíers could push that vacuum cleaner... Dirt cheap (pun intended!) at NCIX, on special for 8.99$!

For the Hardware Geek
Product: OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator
Price: Price Compare
Details: OCZ Technology | nia - Neural Impulse Actuator

Ok Folks. For the young Guns, this must be a great addition to any game to gain that edge over your opponents. Headshots galore. But for the Old farts like I, I see a powerful tool... I think with some proper tweakiní and sweatiní, this device can be used to actually control the Wife. For those of you whom are married, can you imagine control She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyedí thoughts? Not having to go through the lengthy debate process over the necessity of having the Latest chip? I know I did. That was the toughest negotiations I ever had. Only if I had that Impulse Actuator...I feel a Tim Taylor grunt coming! 154.70$ (after MIR) for such a powerful object. Itís a Must!

For the Geek Who Has it All
Product: Asetek Vapochill LS
Price: $999
Details: http://www.asetek.com - VapoChill LightSpeed [LS]

Iíve tried and used stock Air HSFs: they work, but donít ask too much of your chip - unless you want a space heater.

Iíve tried high-end after-market Air HSFs: most are very efficient, some are Works of Art. But itís still Air.

Iíve tried water-cooling: the High-end method of the Prosumer chip cooling. How to bring Ohs! and Ahs! out of your visitors; with the common knowledge that Electronics and Liquids are a match made in Hell, itís a sure way to start a conversation that can last many hours... but itís still water that cannot be lower than the ambient temperature.

Enter the Asetek Vapochill LightSpeed phase change system. The Best in Prosumer chip cooling. -40įC while idling, sub-zero loading temperatures, allowing the overclocker to reach new limits... a personal freezer for your chip! Now that is a great gift! It does come with a hefty pricetag Ė 999$, but for the Geek who wants the Best, that is just it.

The LS can be found in Montreal at Kit-Tronics


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