Gelid Silent Spirit CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     December 4, 2008

Gelid Solutions Silent Spirit CPU Cooler Review

Manufacturer Product Page: GELID Solutions > Products
TechWiki Info: Gelid Silent Spirit
Price: $35.99
Warranty: 5yr

Just recently we were looking at our Air based CPU charts and noticed a marked lack of smaller CPU cooling solutions. At the time we were not overly worried as we knew a certain new kid on the block was sending their first ever cooler our way and would fix this perceived limitation quiet nicely. As it so happens we didn’t have long to wait as two days later a rather small cardboard box was delivered to us and inside lay the brand new Gelid Silent Spirit.

The name Gelid is not what you would call a house hold name when it comes to CPU cooling solutions and that is to be expected as this is their first attempt in this highly competitive industry niche. Gelid is probably best known for the silent running “Wing” and “Silent” series of case fans; however, even here you could be forgiven for not knowing who we are talking about as Gelid only opened for business this year. With that being said, the name Gebhard Scherrer -one of the dynamic duo who started Arctic Cooling back in 2001- should ring a few bells as he and his business associate VC Tran are for all intents and purposes the driving force behind this new Hong Kong based company. With talent like that on board this company is certainly going to be one to keep an eye on in the future. As for how they came up with the name Gelid, it comes from the Latin word “gelidus”, which means Icy or cold, which we think is a fitting name for a cooling solution company.

As for the Silent Spirit cooler itself, this is an ultra quiet, hybrid downdraft cooler which is designed as a low noise solution. It is slowly becoming available at retailer and e-tailers throughout the country and should go for about $35. The Silent Spirit is not designed nor intended for monster overclocking, nor is it designed for passive cooling. What this cooler has been designed to do is provide adequate cooling and do it with as little noise as possible. This is certainly a lofty goal, and we are interested to see if they are able to pull it off as this reviewer is a silent PC enthusiast at heart who loves to root for the underdog. Only time and testing will tell whether or not it lives up to it expectations, and I for one am itching to see what it can do.


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