Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review

by AkG     |     November 6, 2008

Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Case Review

Manufacture Product Page: HAF 932 - Cooler Master
Model Number: RC-932
Weight: 29.1 lbs
Availability: Now
Price: Click Here To Compare Prices
Warranty: 2 years

When it comes to personal computers, the case is the foundation upon which everything else is built upon; and just like there are different style foundations for different style homes, PC cases can vary just at widely (if not more). Today we will be looking at a very popular style chassis: the Full Tower. When this reviewer thinks of Full Tower cases a couple of models do bubble to the surface; namely I think Lian-Li's V2000 / V2100, the Silverstone Temjin series and the Cooler Master Stacker and Cosmos S cases. These are all best of class cases in my opinion...as long as you can afford them that is.

Today we will be looking at a new Full Tower cases from the masters of engineering at Cooler Master which may add a 5th to my personal favorites list. This new case in some ways builds on the performance of the popular Cosmos S but then adds in numerous innovations which will have most uber geeks drooling with envy. The new case we are referring to is none other than the Cooler Master HAF 932. This case is now available from select retailers and e-tailers throughout the country and goes for $165.

Many of us have used multiple 120mm fan-based cases and while they are good, even 120mm fans leave a bit to be desired in the noise to CFM ratio department. To combat this perceived limitation manufactures have recently brought out monster (yet ultra quiet and efficient) 200+mm fan based cases. Heck we all have seen cases with a lone monster 200mm fan in them and even seen some of them with two 200+ mm fans in a single case. While impressive, the shock and awe has worn off and now manufactures need a new weapon of persuasion; this is where the TRIPLE 230mm fan wielding CM HAF 932 comes in. Can anyone honestly ever say they have owned a case with not one, not two but THREE 230mm fans?! Well, after this review you will be able to say that you at least have seen one.

The list of innovations doesn't stop there, but this case's main claim to fame has certainly got to be its High Air Flow (thus the “HAF” in HAF 932) and we are going to take a long hard look at how well those three monster fans work. Since we here at Hardware Canucks like to go that extra mile for you our readers, and more importantly since it is capable of it, we will also be looking at this unit's water cooling abilities. Either way it should make for a very interesting read, so let’s dig in and rip open the packaging box to see what goodies await us inside.


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