Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review

by AkG     |     November 6, 2008

Interior Impressions

With the side case panel off, the shear enormity of the HAF's interior becomes readily apparent. In typical CoolerMaster fashion you have enough room to maneuver even the largest and unwieldy of kit into place. This case has so much extra space it can easily handle darn near anything you could ever want to stuff inside it and do so without jamming your fingers. In many ways this case reminds us a lot of a Cosmos S that has been morphed with a CM 690.

Before we take an in-depth look at the innards, lets first take a good look at the side panel itself. Once you get over the fact that they managed to cram a monster fan on the side door a lot of very interesting details start to emerge. One of these facts is if you do not like the single large fan you can swap it out and install FOUR 120mm fans. To us it appears Cooler Master took the time to tweak the plastic internal door of the Stacker 830 and has managed to integrate this idea into the actual door of the HAF 932.

Having all this GPU and CPU cooling potential integrated into a reasonably priced full tower enclosure is simply brilliant as a lot of people who want this level of performance canít afford the sticker price of the 830 line.

To combat the vibration and flexing of the side panel Cooler Master has taken the simple and quite obvious step of making this one honkiní thick panel. With the thickness of this door, you need not worry about flexing or torquing happening, as it simply is too strong for that to occur. If you get some unwanted vibrations when you mount multiple 120mm fans, we recommend simply mounting the fans on anti-vibration rubber mounts (which actually come free of charge with the Noctua fans).

Of course, all this is a bit of moot point as Cooler Master has included a very well designed, very quiet and above all fairly powerful monster fan. Yanking this fan and spending more money for four 120mm fans may be contraindicated in many situations unless you want are planning on placing a dual bay radiator (or two) on the side panel.

The side window may not be as large as some others we have seen but it does have a certain attractiveness to it which accents and highlights the other features of this case, rather than detracting from them. Some may argue that a full window is a necessity, but to us giving up a full window for the ability to mount numerous large fans more than makes up for any perceived limitations.


Moving on to the fans, which are the main claim to fame for this case; we were fairly impressed with the 3 large fans which were included. These 9 bladed, 200 x 230 x 30mm fans (model A23030-10CB-3DN-L1) are rated at 700rpm. While Cooler Master has not released any information on these fans there are some reports that state they move well over 150CFM of air, while other forums state it is only 75CFM. We are more inclined to believe the 75CFM estimate.

On the whole, all three fans are very well mannered and produce very little felt vibrations when running full speed. All three also exhibited very little shaft slop and even though they are a long bladed fan they have surprisingly little off axis slop as well. They may not be as tight as some 120mm fans but pressing down on one of those long blades does product a heck of a lot more torque than doing so on a 120mm fan, so allowances have to be made.

The only really negative comment we have about these fans is how the top and side ones are mounted. Rather than use standard fan screws they are mounted using freakiní metric hex screws which are royal pain to remove.

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