Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review

by AkG     |     November 6, 2008


It sure has been one interesting ride. Now that we have torn it down, built it back up and discovered everything about the HAF 932 that could be without a proctology exam, let’s break it down for all you interested readers who have skipped to the end of this review (and missed out on all the fun).

From an ascetics point of view this case will either call to you like your one and only true love or it will turn you completely off. It really is a binary solution with no middle ground; you love its edgy looks or you don’t. Personally, we are in the "love it" camp but it was a close thing there for awhile. We certainly could do without the overachieving in the edginess department since even though we like the metal ammo can motif, we find the HAF logo plastered on the side does go a bit too far.

With all that being said you absolutely, positively need to give this case a second chance if you think its exterior is not for you. Its interior is literally a treasure cove of hidden goodness. Heck, give this case a week and you will learn to love its exterior. A wise man once said: “…Don’t marry for beauty, marry for personality and later you will wonder how you could have missed her hidden beauty…”. Maybe we’re paraphrasing a bit too much but you get the idea. This case’s charms will rub off on you if you give it a chance and before long you will come to see it a work of art which is “quirky” and not “pretentious”.

When you take the HAF 932 as a whole it becomes a very attractive case at any price range. Its great cable management system, cut out for CPU backplates, great fans and even its great water cooling capabilities are so very rare these days that you will wonder how you ever did without an enclosure like this. The fact that all this comes in a case which is priced under $175 is simply amazing.

In the end, if you are looking for a near perfect case for your air or water cooling setups, the HAF 932 is probably what you are looking for. It packs in enough innovation for even the most jaded enthusiast to shake their head in wonder while remaining accessible enough that it won't be daunting for first-time builders. For this and all the reasons outlined above (and throughout this review) we here at HWC are proud to award this case not only the DAM INNOVATIVE award, but also our DAM GOOD award.


- Reasonably priced
- Wheels included
- good front connection options
- great construction
- 3 monster fans included
- Can house 2 PSUs
- LOTS of room internally
- Water cooling friendly case


- Steel construction means it is HEAVY
- Heavy weight = High shipping cost
- USB and Firewire ports are a little close and may interfere with each other
- So many WC’ing options you may go insane (or bankrupt) trying to use them all


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