CPU Water Block Round Up APOGEE GT/GTX vs. STORM vs. FuZion vs. APOGEE vanilla

by Misoprostol     |     April 24, 2007


Why use words when a picture will do. Swiftech has decided to break out of the long-held tradition that most other water block manufacturers hold to by providing a product in a clamshell retail package.

Swiftech has expressed an enormous amount of interest in moving water cooling to the ultra mainstream, and honestly, itís little things like this that are going to make water cooling more appealing to those of us who are not already ub3r PC geeks.

Besides the presentation of the product, Swiftech, unlike any other water cooling manufacturer, provides all the hardware you could possibly need to integrate the APOGEE GT into any conceivable water cooling loop!

They include all common barb sizes, as well as mounting adapters for every mainstream CPU socket available right now. Thatís huge to me because I donít feel that customers who want to jump right into water cooling should have to worry about barb threading, and tubing sizes.

The APOGEE GTX is packaged in Swiftech's older cardbox style packaging, but this block is geared mainly towards the hardcore enthusiasts, so flashy packaging is not as important as raw performance and the wicked looks of the block itself. I think that for a lower volume part, going to the trouble for a clamshell package would have been wasted effort.