OCZ Alchemy Elixir Gaming Keyboard Review

by AkG     |     September 29, 2008

OCZ Alchemy Elixir Gaming Keyboard Review

Manufactures Product Page: OCZ Alchemy Series Elixir Keyboard
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Warranty: 1 Year

If there is one area of PC based gaming which has lagged behind all others in terms of advancement it has to be the ubiquitous keyboard. Not only has keyboard technology and advancement lagged behind graphics, sound and even mouse improvements most people don’t even care if their keyboard high-tech or not. To most people a keyboard is a means to an end and says absolutely nothing about them as a person, a gamer, or a techie.

It is not completely the end user's fault as some of the best keyboards I have ever used are a heck of a lot younger than some gamers I played against. It seems everyone is trying to shave as many corners as they can and in the process the quality of a keyboard has suffered. Please don’t get us wrong; keyboards have advanced over the years and wasn’t it was just a few years ago the “start” or “Windows” key became standard. Think about it: can anyone really imagine a high end adrenaline junky PC gamer using an ATI 9700 now a days? They would be laughed out every LAN party out there. Yet, most people are perfectly happy with their 2, 5, 8 or even 12 year old keyboard.

Luckily there are some bright shinning examples of advancement which show how far we still have to go in terms of keyboard technology. Unfortunately, most of these new high tech keyboards cost more than many are willing to pay. This is where OCZ pops up on our radar with their new Alchemy series of keyboards. The Alchemy Elixir is a fairly standard keyboard but includes a lot of great features all focused on improving your gaming experience. Even better than its feature rich layout is the fact this keyboard is very reasonably priced. The Elixir goes for about $30-35 and is now widely available from most e-tailers and retailers throughout the country. This certainly makes it a somewhat unique item in the world of PC gaming, but just because its inexpensive, there is no promise that it is any good.

Today we will find out how good (or bad) this value oriented gaming keyboard really is and whether or not it is worth your hard earned money!


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