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dosmond June 1, 2008 08:45 AM

Any good ultraviolet pc case modding guides?
I really like the look of ultraviolet in a pc case, but I'm yet to find any good modding guides about ultraviolet... I know you can get all types of uv sleeves, pci expansion covers, paint, fans, ect... But I would really like to know how mixing and matching colors would turn out, like maybe blue and green won't match up ok, or maybe red is too over powering with blue ect. I wouldn't want something like an all blue uv mod through a case window, and I'm not into water cooling, strictly air only. Does anyone know of a few good links with step by step guides for this stuff?

BrainEater June 2, 2008 03:26 PM

I've never seen one myself.

You should write one !

Here's some advice I can give ya.

-the first piece of advice I would give is this : always match your colors with your lightsource.Here's what I mean by that : buy your UV source first , then test all the materials with that light.Different UV sources will cause each UV reactive bit to fluoresce differently , depending on what UV spectrum it emits.

-Secondly , if you are looking at cable sleeving/connectors etc at a certain place , ask em if they will give you samples for free...if you just want an inch of sleeving to see what color it really is , they might send it to yah.

GL , hf !



I almost forgot safety.

You need to research the UV source carefully.It is possible to get blacklight sources that are quite literally , dangerous to skin /eyes.....

For example , I have some 1 watt UV leds that emit @ 400nm ;


This thing , while capable of making anything even remotely UV reactive glow like the moon , will also damage your eyes , so it kinda defeats the purpose.

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