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Old September 19, 2016, 02:44 AM
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Default EPC:How to Hack a Dead Laptop Battery

As far as we know, the new 6 cells laptop battery die after 600-800 charge cycles. Then we spend roughly $80 or more to order a replacement. It's too expensive, and these dead laptop batteries can pollute our environment if we do not dispose of them properly.


Disconnect the battery from your laptop. There should be 2 catches, slide them to unlocked and slide it out.

Pry the battery apart. You may also need some patience and a sharp flathead screwdriver or a butter/putty knife.

You will see 6-8 cells connected to a circuit board. That is the battery controller. Look near the connector to find the board, and trace the wires. Carefully examine every cells by a multimeter to ensure the cells are fully discharged.

Make a note of where the wires connect to. This is important.

Use a soldering iron/electric welding tool to separate cells from the wires. Then take them out of the case.

Then solder/weld the new cells together. Remember to refer back to the note you made in Step 4.

Put the new cells into the case. Solder/weld back the wires and cells.

In the end put both rows of cells back together. Let it rest for about 48 hours.

Your hack is complete! Insert your battery and start charging. Turn it on, and you're back in business!
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Old September 19, 2016, 05:01 AM
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As an electronics engineer, this isn't an easy "hack" or even recommended for novice users.
Most of the time you will break the casing of the battery, so it isn't going back together. Battery cells can vary depending on model, so it's not like you're going to have a few sitting around, and well.. soldering is a learned ability, you can't pickup an iron and just start soldering. Well, you can, but it'll be shit.
Not to mention polarities and well, the ability to totally brick your computer.

This looks like something copied from a click bait website.

I'll learn to manage my anger, when people learn to manage their stupid.
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Old September 20, 2016, 09:05 PM
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Please do not ever solder tabs/wires onto batteries! The tabs are spot-welded because soldering is too much heat over too much time.
If you have a temperature controlled iron with high thermal mass(if you have one you will know it. Hint: not anything radioshack or off-brand ebay/amazon products) you can get away with soldering single batteries... but it is still not good for the battery. Things get more complicated as you add batteries, and actually need them to be 100% identical.

Once you whip out that soldering iron, all of your batteries are each damaged a different amount and your pack will likely fail prematurely when one battery dies before the rest.
Also, most people tend to use whatever knockoff cells they can find on ebay, and that is not helping things either.

Originally Posted by Rison View Post
This looks like something copied from a click bait website.
That is actually the case in this situation! Search engines are handy!
He forgot to post the pictures for each step.
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