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One little thing about temperatures. Heat transfer, in the most basic form, is governed by 2 factors. First is the heat transfer coefficient. This is basically what percent of the heat energy flows from Point A to Point B. Second is the difference in temperatures between Point A and Point B. So let's say that a computer has a CPU idle temp of 35C in a 22C room. If the room temp was raised to 25C, and all else being equal, the new idle temp would be 38C. In other words, if Person A is seeing CPU temps 10C higher than Person B with the same hardware, one factor to consider is the room temperature.

What isn't clear to me is whether or not the higher room temperature would affect the heat transfer coefficient.
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Absolutely it does.(but it's reaaaaaly small.)

The ambient temp changes the physical properties of every material and interface.For example , the warmer a liquid is the less viscosity it has generally , it's 'wetter' which allows it to get into small surface cracks etc more easily.. Think T.I.M......

Here's the thing tho ;

These variations are waay less than a degree , from a 'thermal management' standpoint they can be ignored.

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