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b1ack1otus January 4, 2012 04:37 PM

Tests to do?
I am planning to build PC soon in the near future and was wondering what runs and test should I do to make sure everything is running and not defective.

For example, I know the so ever popular PRIME95 that Linus use to check RAM and CPU stability and such. Are there programs to check other components? (GPU, DVD driver, PSU, MOBO, etc) or how would you usually check if they are working 100%?

boggtrotter59 January 4, 2012 04:47 PM

Furmark is a good stability tester for video cards as well as the 3DMark series of benchmarks.

SugarJ January 4, 2012 04:57 PM

Check the utilities in this thread: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...ols-trade.html

The 2nd section of the list are programs used to test stability. I prefer OCCT myself, as it has a built in LinX and Furmark test.

b1ack1otus January 4, 2012 05:51 PM

Thanks for the quick reply guys, and SugraJ thanks. Those links look very helpful.

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