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Old August 2, 2010, 02:09 PM
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Thumbs up how to flash netgear dm602 with dynalink rtm100 firmware

first of all you reset your modem to factory defaults, unplug the telephone cord and make sure nothing else on your pc tries to access it.
get the firmware here (remember, you need rta100 firmware, not rta100+ ) : Dynalink - Firmware Listing

go to or whatever ip you set it to and then go to administration, and upload the new firmware. its VERY important that you let it be, and don't touch anything as it will brick your modem/router
give it a good 5 minutes even though it'll say its over.

after that you can go in and you'll be greeted with the much better dynalink firmware front end.

if you run linux isos like me on bit torrent, now youll be able to since before with the stock netgear firmware either it was not feasible or a nightmare.

you can tweak specific settings that will help with p2p in the services, nat global info page. drop your numbers way down starting with tcp close and ending with icmp time out. put tcp idle timeout around 5-15k. these settings will vary from application to application.

also, if you brick your router or mess anything/something else up its your responsibilita.

ps yes, the firmware flash works. there are other routers based firmwares on the viking I chip that will flash onto the dm602, but in my opinion mine approach the best.

was pulling 150-250 k/s last night as opposed to 0.7 /s for me linux isos.

thanks goes to ppl at dslreports, corz dude for his in depth findings and a skew more.

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Old August 6, 2010, 06:58 PM
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this is a great info! i will replicate this on our laboratory,.,.

Bryan M. Adviento
Senior Product Support Specialist
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