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hen555 April 30, 2010 01:37 PM

how do I open my dvd drive?
I need to remove the lid of the dvd drive so i can swap dvd's.


i have hp drive i dont know what to do i tried even another drive from LG same problem cant get the lid to open. only the bottem opens because i unscrew them.

SugarJ April 30, 2010 01:43 PM

If you're talking about ejecting the DVD tray, it can be done in windows. Go to my computer, right click on the drive, click on eject.

It can also usually be done with the computer off. There is usually a small hole on the face of the drive. Straighten a paper clip, and push it in the hole.

There should be no reason to remove the top of the drive. But a picture of what you're trying to do might be helpful.

Digikid April 30, 2010 04:33 PM

Press the face plate of the drive bay. If I know HP it will work as an eject.

Shadowmeph April 30, 2010 06:52 PM

I had this happen to me a couple of times when I was using windows xp there are a couple of things you can do the first one is to go into device manager and uninstall your dvd drive driver then reboot this usually fixes the problem. oh and if you have any type of virtual drive ( daemon tools power ISO ) anything that you virtually mount cds or dvds with turn them off and reboot .

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