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misterhelpmeplease May 9, 2009 09:11 AM

Antec Tricool - Cut or not cut? Lol
Ok this is my first ever post here :D
GOOD MORNING CANADA! :canadianwave:
Anyway my Antec Tricool fans don't change speed when I connect them to my Akasa pro Fan controller.
I believe this is because the switch on the fan changes the voltage, so it ignores what ever signal the fan controller sends.
If I cut off the switch, would the fan still work and with LED? (blue)
Would it also mean that I could not ajust the speed via the controller?

Jake_HT May 9, 2009 11:21 AM

From my case manual (has the Tri-Cools)

"The minimum voltage to start a 120mm TriCool fan is 5V. We recommend that you set the fan speed switch to High if you choose to connect the fan(s) to a fan control device. A fan control device regulates the fan speed by varying the voltage, which may start as low as 4.5V to 5V. Connecting a TriCool fan set on Medium or Low to a fan-control device may result in the fan not being able to start because the already lowered voltage from the fan control device will be further reduced by the TriCool circuitry below 5V."

And the LED's should still work.

Are you runnin' the fans on high prior to using fan controller?

misterhelpmeplease May 9, 2009 11:33 AM

Still doen't work
Thanks buddy for the response.
Yes i have set the switch to full speed o nseveral ocassions but to no avail
I have now cut off the switch, but now its on @ 900 rpm and still cant change speed with the akasa pro fan controller.

How come antec fans dont work with my akasa pro fan controller?

WOudl it be wise to get an antec 900 2 case, remove the fans and replace them with similar size and colour akasa fans?

Do you think akasa fans woudl work with my controller?
Thanks mate,

JMCD May 9, 2009 02:35 PM

My Zalman never read the fan speeds right on mine. I wouldn't worry about the numbers.

Realityshift May 10, 2009 01:05 AM

If theres no resistor left, the peice you cut out, then whatever the fan controller is feeding the fan is what the fan is getting. All fans run pretty well the same way, they take a certain amount of power to start spinning and then spin faster as more power is fed to them, even with the tri cool switch in the wire all it was doing was regulating a 12v power down to what ever the setting was, so when your fan controller lowered the power it still should effect the fan speed weather you have the switch installed or not.

I agree with JMCD your controller may not be reading the speeds right or something, open your case and see if you can tell a difference in the fan speeds as you turn up the speed on the controller. I have never heard of a fan not being supported by a controller as long as it falls within the rated voltages needed by the fan, aka a fan that takes to many amps/volts to run might not work on a lower rated fan controller.

misterhelpmeplease May 21, 2009 01:58 PM

:biggrin:thanks realityshift
ur one of the few helpful people on this forrum
i fixed the problem
i was conncting the fans via molex so i just ripped them out and stuck the 3 pin into the fan controller and works a charm
good luck realityshift in all your future endevours

Realityshift May 21, 2009 02:15 PM

Thank you for the compliment and I am happy to see that you fixed your issue, but im far from one of the few helpfull people here ;) these forums are packed with very helpfull and knowledgable people, I am but 1 of the many =) We just all have our own areas of specification and normally only comment within them.

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