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tzetsin July 31, 2008 10:55 PM

X Plane 9
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Any of you Flight simmers out there tried out x plane 9 yet? Its freaken amazing looking. Hands down better terrain / graphics than flight sim 10. If fsx looked this good i wouldnt have to buy all the damn extras to make it look better.

here are some screenshots of a few places...

Mt Fuji

Attachment 2534


Attachment 2535

Northern Lights, French Alps

Attachment 2536

Hudson Bay / Quebec

Attachment 2537

Best thing is my system can handle it much much better than FSX wich means people with normal computers can use it and still have it look really good.

fortkentdad November 9, 2012 01:09 AM

X Plane 10
I bought X-Plane 10: North American Edition at of all places Wally's Mart. $29.00 for the two disk DVD. Saw it on the shelf & snapped it up.

AND it works jim dandy in Windows 8 Pro. :biggrin: Unlike IL*2's Cliffs of Dover which won't load. :doh:

ANYway, I'm a total novice pilot and am just learning how to fly a Cessna so no grand screenshots from this "hi-tech grandpa" but I agree that this is a very nice game.

And I was amazed that it has our local regional airport so I can fly over my home town - and it is a very small town, but they use North American topo-maps and GPS coordinates, really high tech authentic simulation. The buildings on the ground are not authentic but just some stock 3D images they use to represent towns and such. The highways even have cars on them. I think the highways are reasonably accurate, I could recognize our town from the layout of the roads.

I enabled Fraps and my A10 Rig 'flies' consistently at about 45 fps (range about 24-70) with two HD 6670's CrossFireX'd. I've got all the settings on max and I'm running at a triple screen/ single display of 4800x900 using AMD's EyeFinity through their Catalyst Vision Control system. I've got two 20" LED LG screens on either side of one 24" LG LCD screen. That works out to about a 55" wide display. :thumb:


IF you get your magnifying glass out you can see the tiny "46" in yellow in the top left corner.

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