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Old July 9, 2008, 02:13 PM
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Default TF2 Fun/Achievement servers

I've setup a few TF2 servers for the NCIX Forum community, and I figured I'd share them with you guys.

Fun Server:
It's got a custom map rotation with a TON of mods, including:
-You can build up to 2 Sentries/Dispensers. (Damage and cost modified to accomodate)
-Sentries get unlimited ammo
-Medics charge uber quicker, discharge slower
-Medics/Engys drop Health/Ammo on Right click and on death
-Fast Respawn
-Sudden Death Melee mode
-HLStatsX at HLStatsX - Team Fortress 2

Achievement Servers:


Pass: "smrtppl0nly" (that's a ZERO not an O)

Ultra Stats: (WARNING! See below!)

Here are the details:

-Sentries are disabled
-You can build 10 Dispensers (more details later)
-Pyro Flamethrower Ammo up to 999
-Scout, Heavy Medic and Spy bots are there for your killing convenience.
-Ubercharge now charges RIDICULOUSLY quick and drains much slower as well.

Instructions on how to build more than one object:
Type this into the console:

bind "[key]" "build [X]"

replacing [key] with a key of your choice.
[X] should be replaced by:
0 for Dispenser
1 for Teleporter Entrance
2 for Teleporter Exit
3 for Sentry Gun

This server will mess your stats BIG TIME.
Everyone has 100x health and 100x the damage.
Ammo has also changed, as well as the spy cloak times. Spy cloaking will change on the other servers as well.
This is your warning. If you value your stats in ANY way, DO NOT join this server!

EDIT: Servers are changing IPs over the weekend. Please check back for updated addresses.

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Old July 9, 2008, 06:24 PM
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My System Specs


Wow, thats great.. I might go back at playing TF2 again, but right now, I'm hooked on DoD:S
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Old July 9, 2008, 06:29 PM
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Yeah guys, he has some great fun servers. I jump in there whenever he prompts me too....It's good fun!!
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Old August 19, 2008, 07:38 PM
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Since the Heavy update came out, I figured I'd bump this.
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