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Old November 15, 2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
The next gen of consoles are nothing but good news to us PC gamers. All games now being developed are using x86 code and Directx or opengl. Sure we've always had better graphical fidelity than consoles but devs never put effort into giving us more geometry detail and assets than consoles. Clutter, NPC's etc...
Take a look at Watchdogs, Titanfall or The Division. We've never had games that looked like those, but we will now.
Didn't the Unreal 3 Samaritan demo show us what was capable on current pc hardware?
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Old November 16, 2013, 01:16 AM
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I do agree that the new consoles will be great for PC gaming for multiple reasons. First off is that we get off ancient tech thats been holding devs back significantly, secondly we are moving to a more unified hardware set, x86 across the board, and finally by providing evidence once and for all that the console will never be able to touch the PC. I dream of emulators or even someone hacking the OSes so one could dual boot with them but I think that that is still a ways out. If microsoft had had half a brain they would have just modified Win8 to be their console OS instead of the Frankenstein they created.

I honestly dont remember the previous console launch, mostly because I payed zero attention to it (last console I ever bought was a used N64) but in my mind I would have thought that both Microsoft and Sony, with their large multiple in house studios would have been able to get a few more interesting launch titles out. The Watchdog delay must have really annoyed them as I think that was the only game that I was paying any attention to of the launch titles.

EA and the consoles continues to drive me crazy. FIFA 14 is probably the one next gen title which while also releasing a version on the PC is the previous gen version as EA feels that it would cause too many people to upgrade as they didn't meat the specs. GUESS WHAT EA, that's what the PC industry is all about, its how the PC gaming industry has always been, if your PC doesn't meet the specs YOU UPGRADE! The only reason we've forgotten this is because the previous consoles were so woefully underpowered compared to what we have on the PC. Push AMD and nVidia to give us more power, push them to give us 4K and more polygons, push intel to power your improved AI and more complex math, PUSH Chris Roberts to give us the BDSSE and challenge yourself to up your game. We can take it. Our bodies are ready. I've yet to see anything from the consoles that hasn't been technically possible on our hardware for years.

All that said I'm starting to think it may be time for me to pick up a 360 or ps4 and some of the exclusives which I never played, prices are likely to come down to sub 100 dollars and it might be time.

The Xbox One media centric features interest me, but honestly they could have released that part of it as a 100 dollar box and I would have considered getting one, would have made a good apple tv competitor,I have zero plans to pick up a 500 box for gaming that also happens to do media stuff, though to be honest I rarely use my TV at this point.

The SteamBox has got me interested more than these, not just because I am a PC gamer at heart BUT because I'll be able to build my beat of a PC have that able to run everything from Deus Ex to Star Citizen (if it goes on steam) and just stream it to a relatively low powered HTPC that costs less then the new consoles. My dream for my PC is that it becomes my Hub that everything works off of, forget the cloud that companies want to to buy into on their servers and on their systems, but a cloud that is mine, mine mine. Everything is stored on my main beast and all my devices just make calls back to it whenever they need anything.

Sorry for that rant....
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Old November 16, 2013, 10:54 AM
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
Push AMD and nVidia to give us more power, push them to give us 4K and more polygons, push intel to power your improved AI and more complex math, PUSH Chris Roberts to give us the BDSSE and challenge yourself to up your game.
Real time ray tracing!
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