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My System Specs

Default X-firing in X-Plane is useless

Reposting this report I filed at X-Plane.org

There was a thread asking about X-firing GPU for use in X-Plane. The reply that caught my eye said that since X-Plane is open source X-firing has no benefit. This caught me off guard as I run X-Plane on a machine that has two HD6670 X-fired. Apparently it has something to do with X-Plane being all OpenGL.

As I say in my post this is disappointing. Maybe when I have a few hundred dollars to spare someday I'll upgrade my pair of HD6670's for a single HD7000 series card, ... or not. Apparently the 6670's can handle X-Plane at a medium setting - and get decent FPS (30ish) with medium-high settings. I've recently upped the texture setting to V-High and am living with better graphics and a FPS in the mid 20's at 5,000 feet or less, ... once I get up past 20,000 feet my FPS gets up to 40, 50 or even 60 fps depending on how much sky and lots of other variables. I guess the minimum FPS you can live with is a personal thing and it is a trade off, more detail or more FPS your choice.

So I put it to the test and this is my post from X-Plane.org


Tested & it is True - Xfiring makes little or no difference.

I ran a test, same airport, same plane, same settings, same route & watched the FPS via FRAPS (I tried it with the built in FPS meter but the lettering is way too small for these old eyes ~ I did check FRAPS & the internal FPS were the same)

These are my rendering settings for the test :

Not the highest but no low either - this is my 'happy medium" settings for my testing.

With my system I was getting a very consistent 30 FPS when in the 3D Cockpit view.

I found the FPS fluctuated more when I went outside the plane as in the view above. In the external view FPS ranged from 30 to 60 FPS but I'd guess that about 90% of the time it was 30-36 FPS. Curiously it was when I was looking back at the plane as in the above screen shot that is when I broke the 60 FPS mark. (I thought maybe the FPS would appear in the screen shot, but I guess not).

I did try this test with another plane and the results were pretty much the same with 30 fps typical and the same experience with the external views.

While it is disappointing that Xfiring or AMD's new Dual-Graphics mode makes no difference I'm glad that the card I do have seems quite capable of running X-Plane at the settings shown above when in a photo-realistic scene.

I also tried pushing the settings on my card using MSI's Afterburner Graphic's Card Tweaker - I pushed it from the default clock of 810 to 944 and did not see any appreciable difference in the fps - although the card ran hotter and the fan ran faster. I also pushed to GPU mem-clock to 1044, again not much difference. Curiously when I run benchmark testing the MSI Afterburner was able to move the needle significantly (more than 20% benchmark performance boost) but when put to the 'real world" test in X-Plane simulator, pushing the graphic's card capacity makes little performance difference.

Thanks to Olexia for his most excellent rendition of Bella Coola BC used in this test.

I figured I might as well fly in style in this test and used a private jet as my test plane. This is how these settings look on my three screen array (20-24-20" screens with 4800x900 resolution)


Fort Kent, Alberta

2012 - A10 Rig

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Doesn't surprise me. The reason games can use xfire or sli in Windows for is the games have support for them.

FYI .. its Bella COOLA
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