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FreeKnight December 7, 2012 06:47 PM

Alpha Protocol
Since it'll probably be on sale on Steam this christmas I thought I'd recommend some people give Alpha Protocol a shot. It got some lukewarm to good reception from the critics, and while it's not perfect, I was pleasantly surprised with how decent it was. I think people were expecting a little more out of the studio that produced KOTOR II and Fallout New Vegas, and that hurt the scores.

It plays like a cross between a stealth third person shooter and Mass Effect (in the interactions and conversation branches). You do notice the areas that needed a little more polish, such as an occasionally problematic cover mechanic and plot decisions that end up not making any difference, but for how cheap I got it on steam, I'm very happy with the game.

Just my 2 cents but if you're looking for a game with a touch of Deus Ex HR, Mass Effect and Winback 64, it's worth a try.

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