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Default United-Gamerz Multi-Gaming Platform Server

Looking for a great cracked server? Check out the United Gamerz Survival Server today! (But first, we ask that you read this thread to learn more about us! )

We are a multi-gaming community founded March 2011, with a mission to provide a mature gaming environment for players of all skill levels. Whether you are a pro fragger in Call of Duty player, or a newb at Minecraft... United Gamerz is here for everyone. With over 400+ Active Clan Members, 1100 daily forum users and thousands of individual players spread accross our many game servers on a daily basis... we strive to be one of the top gaming communities around.

We have a large dedicated staff to provide a polite and speedy service to all users of our Minecraft Server and Clan. Our Clan itself is maintained and monitored by a group of highly experienced individuals that are here to serve all of our users. Our forums are an age friendly environment with over 34,000+ posts, and 3600 registered users. Forum Sections range everywhere from random discussions to in-depth technical support provided by our forum's experienced tech users. There is always a place to post!

Other than Minecraft, United Gamerz has services spread out accross Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3; all hosted on state-of-the-art dedicated machines to provide the best lag-free gaming experience around. So when and if you're tired of mining, you can join members from other gaming divisions in our clan and start fragging! With upcoming monthly events, competitions and raffles... we strive to be the best gaming community around. And to top it off, our Teamspeak 3 Server is the best place to be when it comes to communitication with other members. We welcome everyone on our TS. Whether you're looking to join the clan, or just looking for a place to chill with friends while you mine/frag... our Teamspeak Server is available for all to utilize.

Some Important Links:

Our Website: United Gamerz
Our Teamspeak: ts.united-gamerz.net
Administrator Contact Email Address: admin@united-gamerz.net

Enough about our clan... lets get down to the specifics of our minecraft servers.

Minecraft Division
Division Leaders: Nicknet and Ezragarza0

Led by Division Leaders Nicknet and Ezragarza0, our Minecraft Division is currently one of our biggest divisions. With over 40+ Active Staff Members dedicated to providing a fun and mature mining enviroment... when you call for help, we will be there! (just dont spam it. )

Survival Server

Server IP: mc.united-gamerz.net

Averaging around 80+ users during the summer and on weekends, at any given moment. And now we stand around 50+, due to school starting back up. This is the most popular minecraft server hosted by United Gamerz. The gaming environment provided on this server is hard to come by. Get a group of friends, join the server, find a secluded location in the wild and create a town! A great gaming experience, and a great way to meet new people.

Some of our Main Minecraft Server Features:

Great Iconomy
Awesome Active Staff. There is always a moderator/admin online.
Almost lag free
Good Plugins
Custom Factions - See our Forum to Create a Faction
Does NOT require Hamachi
New weekly building projects
Huge Wild
Buycraft storefront for premium perk packages!
And much more!
Join the server to test it out yourself!

War of Nations Server

Server IP: mc.united-gamerz.net:25567

This server is the newest addtion to our Minecraft Division. Launched on September 7th, 2012; this is a great server to just battle it out with your friends/foes.
Notice: This server is still relatively new, and is not nearly as crowded as our main survival server. So don't be alarmed if you're playing with only a few other users. Its still in 'beta' mode.

Check out our GameTracker Page for our War of Nations Server: Not Yet Available

Some of our War of Nations Server Features:

Nation Warfare
Amazing Active Staff
Does NOT require Hamachi
Buycraft storefront coming soon!
And much more!

This server is truly a lot of fun! Grab a group of your friends and join it today! And to maximize your gaming experience, jump on our free-to-use public teamspeak server!

PVP Server
Server IP: Still Under Construction. Check back for updates.

Well, we hope you enjoyed reading this informational thread about our gaming clan. If you've made up your mind, jump on our Teamspeak Server, meet some people and starting mining! (Or, if you're a beast, and you like pwning noobs in Call of Duty or Battlefield 3, join the Head Admins and Community Leaders for some non-stop action and warfare.)

As always, if anyone has any questions, you can post them on this thread(please follow forum rules) or you may use the admin email listed in the introduction, or join our teamspeak for immediate help.

Happy Crafting and Happy Fragging!

-United Gamerz Administration
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