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Default Din's Curse - get your DIABLO fix now!

Surprised that I haven't seen any mention of this little gem here yet.

It's a action RPG (VERY Diablo-ish) from indie developer Soldak and it's consuming my weekends.

As mentioned, it's very diablo-like - wander around randomly generated dungeons, killing monsters & grabbing loot, but there's one major thing which sets it apart from Diablo & the other Diablo clones:
The town can get invaded by monsters from the dungeon.
If you get a quest telling you that monster x is gathering an army and you need to kill it before they invade then you better get to it otherwise you might end up with a bunch of dead townpeople (INCLUDING THE MERCHANTS)

The graphics aren't the greatest, but it's an indie game, and for $20 I don't expect the graphics to be AAA quality. It's the gameplay more than anything that keeps me playing. System requirements are next to nothing too, so it runs smooth as butter on older machines.

You have 6-7 base character classes, and each of those has 3 different sub-classes. You can also create a hybrid class that is a mix of subclasses from two different main classes.

Oh yeah, I haven't tried multiplayer yet, but from what I hear it runs flawlessly and there's NO MAX PLAYER limit!

Anyway, if you're looking for something to scratch the diablo itch until D3 comes out I highly recommend checking out Din's Curse.

Demo available here if you wish to try before you buy: Din's Curse Demo - action RPG
Wow, no comments at all?
Edited post title to maybe grab more attention.
This is the game I've needed to scratch that Diablo itch (Torchlight held my attention briefly but it was far too easy and I soon lost interest)

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