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Eldonko March 3, 2011 01:26 PM

HWC Rift community

Perspice Server, Defiant side

HWC handle - char name
Eldonko - Eldonko, Unseen
grifter11 - Shotaru, Botaan, Thexara
Snarl - Talon
Coffaholic - Coffaholic, Cuppajoe
wedge22 - Wedg
Neolithium_Wpg - Stabikins
SugarJ - SugarJ

jibz March 3, 2011 01:42 PM

Seem standard to me, I'll have to wait to experience end game before I formulate a full opinion.

SO far I like the stability and balance is good for the most part.

My only complaint so far is leveling, I've gotten so burnt out with MMOs that the painful boring grind to end game is just such a horribly dry experience anymore.

Eldonko March 3, 2011 01:49 PM

Not sure how a mmo would work without leveling?

Spikemaul March 3, 2011 03:18 PM

I'm on my way to EB Games right after this post to pick up mu collectors edition copy that's LATE. :angry2:

Eldonko March 3, 2011 04:19 PM

Bought mine on Steam, easier :p

Technokat March 3, 2011 05:54 PM

I got it and so did my roommate who is a staunch wow supporter since launch. I guess its that good :)

Eldonko March 7, 2011 10:48 AM

So what do you guys think? I wasnt sure at first but now that I have played a bit I like it. I like the rift aspect and the events. Constant fast pick up raids are fun, no more organizing for 3 hours to have a massive failure like Ive seen in other games. It allows a different path from doing quests all day. Crafting seems cool as well but I am still trying to figure that out as it is kinda confusing.

Crafting guide here

BTW Im on Deepwood server, toon Eldonko. :thumb:

Evilyeti March 9, 2011 03:03 AM

My friends and I are playing Guardian side on Keenblade (PVE) and we are enjoying it so far.

Our guild is Deimos if anybody from HWC wants to play with us we're a group of locals and casual friendly nothing hardcore by any means. Message Fizzles, Bronco, Velzi, Trisstan or Menathradon for a guild invite and just say that you're from Hardware Canucks. Note: We're seriously casual!

The dungeons are really well done. The first 2 are the only ones we have done so far but the design is really good!

The graphics are for sure 9 out of 10 for an MMORPG

This is defiantly one of the first major polished MMORPG's I have played at launch I haven't had a single bug so far but one of our guild mates had a set of stairs disappear on him which made him stuck inside a pit lol.

The class system is the coolest I have experience in an MMORPG in a long time. Switching around souls after you get them from quests makes it easy to switch your characters specs if you're unhappy with the way you built your character.

The Warfronts (battlegrounds) are very similar to World of Warcrafts. I have been finding them to be pretty fun as well but not that much different from WoW's.

The game is very linear which I suppose is great for people who don't play many MMORPG's so I think that makes it a lot easier. The biggest draw back with how linear the game is though will make playing alts very boring later on since both factions starting places are the same and the quests are the same up until about level 25-30 when the zones finally start to split up.

The game world feels very large too which is nice, this is why I am guessing they do not have a level cap on your first mount in the game you can acquire it as soon as you have the 1 platinum 25gold pieces. Guardian side I had mine at level 10 just from vendor trash and selling everything I picked up.

Edit: Oh yeah, The Rift events are really cool as well. Really cool when a zone wide invasion happens and all of a sudden you see 40-60+ players swarming hordes of monsters invading your town! And than grouping up and the end of the Invasion to take down a boss! ALSO: The Rift LOOT system is based on Contribution! So if you're kicking butt for the first little while then end up dieing and you have to spend 3 - 4 minutes running back to get into the fight you don't lose out because it keeps tracking of everybody's contribution. You can also get Rift rewards in a different zone from the original Rift invasion found that out that hard way by accidentally hitting Soul Recall when I thought I hit Summon Pet lol.

Overall so far with the first week I am happy with the game and so are my friends. :)

If anybody wants some good input on Rift there is a show on Video Game Television - MMORPG, Xbox, Playstation, RPG News & Analysis called "The Sanctum" and they talk about Rift and if you watch it from episode 1 to 9 they cover some of the Beta phases as well as the head start, official launch and post launch. They also give lots of information on the game as well.

They mentioned in Episode 9 that Trion is already working the first "Major" game update and the game is only a week old! Trion has proven to be very quick at patching things so far too. Hope they keep it up!

Surfer_2099 March 10, 2011 04:41 PM

I was a BETA tester up until the last release event. I really tried to give this game the benefit of the doubt, but overall, I did not like it and will not purchase it.

Like Eldonko said above, the style is too cartoonish. Although well done from a graphics point of view, the game can't hold a candle to the current graphics king, Age of Conan. Unfortunately, AOC suffers from really weak populations and an expansion that was, plain and simple, grind grind grind.

Which brings me to my next dislike with Rift. From the absolute onset, the game is a grind and, at least up until the last Beta event, did not, in any way, make me feel invested in my characters at all. Beta or not, I was simply not drawn into the story and did not care about what was going on.

The class system is very robust and depending on how you select your "souls", I suspect the combinations could be called limitless. So that is a big big plus.

I agree also with the OP that the characters all look very similar due to the limited custimization during character creation.

My biggest complaint with Rift is, without a doubt, the pace of play. It's slow. I'm not talking laggy or anything (it runs fine actually), I mean it's simply slow. The character animations are slow when you run, the run speed is slow, and even the jumping animation and speed makes you feel like you're watching a moon landing. Add to that a combat system that, while it does get more "involved" as you level-up, is simply a slow paced, point at target and auto attack system sprinkled with one-click specialty attacks and you get what I thought amounted to a boring game.

The time between animations are slow and laboured and I felt it was just tedious to play (despite leveling up a few characters via the Beta events).

Overall, I would say this game is nothing new, nor avantguard. It does some things well, but most MMOs do those things well too now. It's not a game for me and I won't be buying it (which I made very clear in the end of Beta survey that I got from Trion.) That said, I am certain that many people will buy it and enjoy it because, by many accounts, it seems to be very close to WoW on a lot of fronts.

As a point to specify, I currently have active accounts in DDO, Champions, STO, Age of Conan and Eve Online. I have a seldom used account in LORTO and I have NEVER played World of Warcraft. Ever.

Opinionated_Canuck :)

EDIT _______

I forgot to mention something very important. I was not part of the launch, but having been with Beta up to the end, I would have to think that Rift is POLISHED! It's not launching like AOC, or Star Trek Online. This game is very complete and should not give players a sense that it got pushed out the door before it was really ready for release.

THAT is a BIG plus!

Eldonko March 10, 2011 04:52 PM

Too bad Im on a different server Evilyeti, I would join u guys.

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