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Yeah, the game was released pre-mature from Sigil games, because tehy lost a contract deal, and Sony Online Entertainment has taken the reigns and are probably 3/4 done adding additional things that Sigil failed to add. They just recently got a raid system. It's not like WoW in the sense that, theres no instances, so it's more like EQ. That being said, it's more of a friendly online environment where you could just make a character, bring him to a major city and if you had the money to buy the materials, you could be a crafter of some sort. But, just like in WoW.. it's alot easier to make money in game by harvesting/gathering. I will admit though, unlike on WoW which I never did do, because it costed WAY too much, was buy gold. For Vanguard I did buy gold, I bought it so that I could go build a house right away since that was the main selling point of the game for me. I think this is the best MMORPG for graphics and community. Although when you die, you lose xp, and it's on your corpse, you can allow higher levels to go to your corpse if you can't reach it in a dungeon, and they can drag it out for you. Alot of people in the game are very very friendly and help all the time.

There are also numerous guilds you can join, the servers are full of them, and they actually have a guild finder, which you can type in to see if they are ''newb friendly'' All kinds of different functions, and there aren't many UI's you can download, but there are some fancy ones, one thing I miss about WoW is how well I could just muck with the UI and turn it into anything I wanted!
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