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mjpd1983 June 28, 2010 06:03 AM

Battlefield Bad Company 2 CPU Usage
Hey guys,

Does anyone here experience very high CPU usage when they play battlefield bad company 2?

I know BBC2 is a CPU whore of a game but to what extent?

I have an i5 750 and a hd5870 and when i watch the CPU during games it sits at around 70-80%

I can see it utilizing all 4 cores and the game runs extremely fast so i cant complain

Just curious how high other peoples CPU usage is in this game


jcmaz June 28, 2010 08:21 AM

100% on my 5200+ dual core while my 4850 (<50% usage) yawns and laughs at me :(

Polygon June 28, 2010 10:14 AM

I get pretty much 70-90% on all four cores of my Q9400

Zero82z June 28, 2010 10:18 AM

I think I see about 50-60% usage on each core.

gingerbee June 28, 2010 10:35 AM

well anywhere between 30% to 50% percent usage just checked never went over 50% hell i fold run a vr machine well encoding and i still get great fps. god i love i7:thumb:

Ro]x[as June 30, 2010 04:21 PM

Stock 2.4 GHz Q6600 I was hitting 80-90%, when I OC'd to 3.0, more like 70% and I got around 15 fps boost.

h3ll July 27, 2010 10:13 AM

e8400 duo core and Im MAXXED out 100% 24/7 playing BBC2.
9800 1GB - using 543MB mem in game getting 30-60 FPS running 80% maxxed vid settings.

This game is a CPU ninja :ph34r:

trayton July 28, 2010 08:04 AM

I have no issues with this game on my i7's but my brother is using a AMD 940 and this game and MW2 seem to crash on his system constantly I'm not sure why, I've tested RAM, and tried a different video card and it still crashes even formatted just to be safe, next step I guess is to reseat the CPU with new Thermal Paste and see if that makes any difference?

Any other game he plays is fine such as L4D2, CS:S, etc..

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