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Default PS3 - Do you like shooting?

Don't take this thread the wrong way, this is not a PC vs console flame war inducing thread! I am comparing PS3 to PS3.

So I just finished Resistance Fall of Man. I quite enjoyed it despite its fairly somewhat generic sci-fi shooterness. But all in all it was fun to play, likely because it is by far the best controls I have used on a PS3 shooter so far.

So this is my woe: Why are the controls on PS3 shooters so.... willy nilly? I am not talking joypad vs keyboard & mouse... I am talking one PS3 shooter vs another. I loaded up the Killzone 2 demo last night and it felt like looking around had HUUUUGE lag on it. Like I could almost count 1 second between pushing the stick and seeing the screen move. WTF!?!

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Orange Box controls (well HL2, I haven't tried Portal or TF2 yet). You know that glide that comes with HL games? You keep moving after you let go of a move key? Ya it does NOT translate well into console controls. Not too mention it feels exaggerated on the PS3. I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn at 30 yards... frickin literally!!!!! Is it just me or am I just being picky? Do other console people have these gripes?

Borderlands has pretty tight controls on the PS3. I just want to remap some of the actions to different buttons... mostly because I like to shoot and crouch simultaneously sometimes. The default controls make this crazy hard (press square and x at the same time... pffft ya right).

So why is it? Do devs think they are being "inventive" by making controls feel nothing like you expect in a game that requires somewhat quick reflexes and ability to aim and hit something before dieing a painful death?

Again I plead... this is not a PS3 vs PC shoot out. I want to know what others think about FPS controls on the PS3 and discuss. Which games are good? Do you agree? Do you mess with sensitivity or no? What works for you?... etc etc. Thank you.
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