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Old February 8, 2010, 11:17 AM
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Well now that i've played the MP mode of the game for a few weeks, I can say that the gameplay is alright (albeit a bit easy), but I am getting really frustrated with the iw.net matchmaking and having individual players host the game. There are constant interruptions and host migrations, dropped connections etc. and it's wearing thin on my patience. I spend much more time waiting to connect to a game rather than playing, and it just doesn't have them same sense of community you get playing a MP game on dedicated servers. Its extremely rare that I play more than one map with the same group of players. It seems after every game, the connection is lost and you have to find another match to join. I don't understand why infinity ward designed the MP part of the game like this. I have read that they did so to make it easier for 'casual' gamers to quickly join a match and some baloney about how it will make a tighter gaming community. I feel way more connected with a group of players when i play regularly on a clan's own dedicated server in CS:S or DOD:S than I do getting randomly inserted into a match of MW2.

The single player game is fun (but short), but I am really disappointed in the MP mode. It would make the MP mode so much more enjoyable if they had dedicated servers like almost every other FPS game for PC out there. Too bad I can't resell my PC copy like console folks can.
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