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Old January 2, 2010, 01:22 PM
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Tried the game for a good 6 hours, here's a quick comment/review. Excuse me for my mistakes, i'm french...

Basically the game is a remastered Fate. It is a diablo-like Fate. Everything comes from fate : graphics, quests, home camp, narration, gameplay, the pet system, the dungeon system too. It has a strong Diablo flavour with the darker ambiance, the classes and the skill tree.

Graphics : Colorful, not as dark and seriously themed as diablo. It is quite enjoyable and allows weaker computers to still have a good looking game. Don't expect blood like you would with Diablo.

Gameplay : Same as Fate, go deeper into a dungeon, floor by floor. Get a couple of quests in your hometown, come back for reward, repeat. Maps are higly linear and even repetitve (after only 6 hours of gaming, i've seen 4 times the same level design). You can't get lost, it's very hard to miss a quest item. However, the pet system (allowing him to sell your item to town, like Fate) avoids the boredom of teleporting back), the high amount of loots and skill trees make the game pretty addictive.

Sound : Isn't the music from the same composer who did Diablo's soundtracks? You can feel it. I've not muted the music or the sound yet, i guess that means that the music is fine. I love the music during the "lava" levels.

Story : Forget about the story. There are some cutscenes but it's absolutely useless. Some evil sorcerer thingy. Nothing good at all about it. Don't play this game if you dislike uninteresting stories.

Replay value : I can't really say, i've not finished a playthrough yet. I've seen a chest where you can share your loot with your other characters, i suppose that means it allows a good replay experience. With three classes and three skill trees per class, it does offer a good customization and replay experience.

In conclusion, I say that Torchlight is a very good time killler single player game. It seems highly repetitive but its many features still makes the game refreshing. It's an improved Fate/Diablo. I do not complain about the lack of multiplayer : Torchlight is obviously made for single player only. However, i think i would pay for a "Torchlight online" (unless Diablo 3 comes out)

Pros :
Addictive feeling
Simple to play and understand
Lots of custmization
Features that allow a good replay value
Compatible with weaker computers
Neat and colorful graphics

Cons :
Highly repetitive (levels and quests)
Weak story

Verdict : Very good single player ARPG. Try it NOW if you enjoy Diablo/Fate. Worth 10$ for sure. Over 20$? Not so sure...


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Old June 18, 2013, 03:49 PM
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Cool, I got a mail bout this. Think I'll repost it in the game deals section.
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