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upcoast604 April 1, 2009 10:26 AM

FEAR 2 and STEAM problem?
Hardware is in sig and I'm using xp pro 64 all updates.

The problem; I install fear2, 1st dvd installs steam then the game and finishes with 2nd dvd, steam icon is on desk top and notification tray, fear2 short cut is on desktop and start menu. Installation is done activation is done steam is open and does updating and completes %100 Now I choose fear2 the only game on the steam window and play for an hour and a half all is good no problems.

I exit the game, turn off my comp, go to sleep then the next day clik on the short cut on desk top and not even a flash, nothing happens. Read all over the internet and get no where. I try to reinstall game it says steam is running in the notification tray can't install but it isn't there. So I spend a feew hours trying to unistall no go. then I boot to windows 7 delete fear 2 format the drive it was on. I boot back to xppro64 install fear 2 again play it for over an hour, exit game, go to sleep and today same problem, no steam in notification tray and can't open fear at all. What can be wronge???

lcdguy April 6, 2009 06:05 AM

it possible it's not liking running in 64bit mode. try using the -32bit switch in the steam shortcut and see if that helps. also after you play it and it messes up there should be an integrity check on the steam game cache files when looking at the properties of the game in steam.

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