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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
sky, or someone else, can you explain the X3 series or games to me, I looked at the last one, X3 Reunion or something, and really couldnt tell what kind of game it was, Space combat sim, space RTS, RPG. and is it any good? I downloaded the demo but apparently its not actually a demo and is actually a benchmark

X3 is basically EVE Offline. Massive space strategy, trader, fighter, etc game. I've been considering getting Terran Conflict but I just don't have the time unfortunately right now. I hear they've built in a lot of good community scripts from Reunion into this one though to help with the learning curve and making trade and fleet management much easier.

Over the holidays I'll be playing:

Left 4 Dead
Empire: Total War
Maybe some Warhammer Online, friends are still playing it so I might keep going.
SINS Entrenchment will be given a whirl or three
Chess with my girlfriends dad, haha
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