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Default Fracture Full Review - Xbox 360

Fracture was released by Day 1 Studio, on October 7th. This game has probably… one of the most forgettable main characters ever created, and he almost seems like a carbon copy (that went horribly wrong) of a Marcus Phoenix, or a Master Chief, and I could probably go on for days, on how badly the guys at Day 1 tried to recreate another Gears of War, Too Human, Halo, or Unreal Tournament 3, but I’m at least going to try and give you guys a few details.

Storyline: 3.5/10
The game had an alright story line, (which was also kind of corny, but in a more original way), a futuristic America, split in two (Pacific/Atlantic)by rising water levels due to global warming, but the way they portrayed it was atrocious. One of the most bland games I’ve ever played. The main character is so god damn boring, I can’t even remember his name. I think they tried to make him like a typical bad ass FPS protagonist, but all I taste is cheese.

Game Play: 4.5/10
Amazingly, the game actually does have some originality. You get an arsenal of “ground deforming” weaponry, which can be loads of fun… For about an hour. The game gets repetitive fast. The game is just another typical third-person shooter, once you take away the interactive terrain. Even the way the use weapon sometimes (randomly dirt filed doorways, random tunnels) just seems like just an excuse for them to have the terrain deformer. None the less, it’s fairly action packed, but mediocre at the most. Not to mention the horrible AI.

Setting: 2/10
The setting in this game is also nothing to brag about. The maps don’t make any sense… and it doesn’t look like much thought was put into it. The enemy’s looks stupid, and your character and team mates look like wannabes, and the dialogue is for use of a better word, lacking any taste at all. Not much to see here.

Graphics 6.5/10
Nothing is too impressive. Once again, it’s mediocre at best. Some objects look a bit cartoony. The suit however, was impressive.

Posted by Ryan Martin From ZiikuTV
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