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Cool Lego Batman Full REVIEW By ME.

Lego Batman is an action-adventure video game developed by Travellerís Tales. It supports PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP. This game was released on September 23, 2008. It is identical to all of the other lego games and uses the Lego Starwars game engine.


Main characters in the game are Batman and Robin. Who are saving the Gotham city from almost every dangerous villain that was seen in the movie and some more from the batman comics. In the game, the criminals are divided in to three teams. All of them are lead by most famous criminals in the Batman comics. Joker, Penguin and the Riddler. Every single leader has his own plan and you and your buddy are suppose to counter their plans. Each teams have their own thugs and crooks who follow the leaderís orders at all times. This idea is pretty new.


The game has more then seventeen villains. In the DS version, there are three exclusive characters who are, Firefly, Joe Chill and BlackMask. Every playable character (including villans) has their own special abilities and powers. For example, Poison Ivy has the ďKiss of DeathĒ. And The Riddler, he fights with a golden cane at close range and can use the cane to control the mind of weak-minded individuals. He can plant his cane in the ground and a beam will emerge, making his enemies dizzy and confused for several seconds. There is also some rare characters which are playable in this game such as The Killer Moth and even Alfred the butler! Hence, the abilities to play on both sides with so many characters earned this game an Eight Out of Ten.


The gameplay is real similar to other lego games. Players can play with a partner or play alone with a computer character on their side. The downside of the gameplay is that it does not support online play. Meaning, you canít play with your buddy over the Internet. One will be fighting on land, air, and water. Player is allowed to use some powerful weapons and vehicles. Example, The Batboat in the penguin mission. You can also carry enemies, objects and climb on ropes through out the game. As said before, all of the characters have their own special abilities. That means, the game would be really great to play once you beat the first 3 acts, you will be playing the same levels in the villainís standpoint. The game included the costumes for Batman and Robin from the Batman comics. This means, you can blowup stuff with the batman destruction suit, drive remote controlled cars with Robinís technology suit. Glide with the Batmansí Glider Suit. And go in hot areas with the Heat suit. One more intresting thing which I noticed was that Travellerís Tales also added allot of puzzles which you can solve to put together lego pieces and to unlock an object which will help you complete the level or get past an obstacle. The down side is that some times the puzzles are confusing and you cannot tell where you are jumping. When we are playing in a 2Player mode, the camera gets confused and will not know who to focus on or sometimes gets wild when jumping in intense places.

Once you beat a level, you can go back to the same level in a Free Play mode to unlock items which you could not in story modes using the villain characters. There are 40 levels in the game. Giving you allot of play time. There are also some secret missions which can be accessible in the Wayne Tower. There is also the Batcave where you can unlock items, upgrade your costumes, go through your trophies and enter codes. When you play in the villansí point of view, your hub is the Arkham Asylum. The game is also customized depending on the villains style. For example, Poison Ivyís level is covered with Plants, Toxic waste and a garden. Due to little downsides we rate the gameplay Nine point five out of ten.


Soundtrack does play a big part in the game, giving us more excitement or scaring our butts off in horrer games. The music of this game was not so major league. It is quiet entertaining though! But Travellerís Tales should think about adding the right type of music on the right moments.

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Note: This review was written by Me (Bhargav Patel) on my gaming review site ZiikuTV
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