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ElAguila August 23, 2008 03:51 PM

LCD recommendation
I am getting ready to replace my acer monitor and I am looking at these models. The monitor will be about 65% gaming, 20% general use, and 15% audio/video editing/encoding. I have no issues with using a TN monitor. My monitor is always viewed headon so viewing angle is not a big issues either. I am currently looking at the
Dell E248WFP
Samsung 2693HM
Acer X263Wbi
LG W2600H-PF(25.5")
Westinghouse L2610NW-SP(25.5")
Any recommendations on these?

chrisk August 24, 2008 06:18 PM

I have the 2693HM and its awesome (little expensive). No backlight bleed, ghosting (that I notice), colour is OK but you will want to adjust (plenty of options).

The only thing is that the settings buttons are touch sensitive and are absolutely impossible to see in low light (and very hard in regular light).

Other than that, has vga/dvi/hdmi with hdcp. Everybody who has come over to my place and has seen it is pretty jealous.

Waiting for Blu-ray drives to get a little cheaper to see how hi-def looks but standard-def movies look incredible.

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