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Old September 1, 2017, 05:00 PM
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Default Replacing a Dell 2405 FPW - Going for CF791

I want to replace my DELL monitor 2405 FWP (bought in 2006) by an ultrawide monitor (3440 x 1440). My graphics card is a MSI GTX 1060.

I know that my current graphics card will not max out the ultrawide monitor but look at past experience, I do not upgrade a monitor often. I am looking at a few options that are available here in Canada:

Acer X34A -IPS
Acer Z35P - VA
Samsung CF791 - VA
Asus PG348Q - IPS

I know that better ultrawides will be available but really anything over 60Hz will be better than what I have right now. I mostly game on my computer (FPS, strategy, advanture, not competitive) and sometimes I write documents and do web browsing.

Is using a GTX 1060 with that kind of monitor that bad? Like I said, it is a 2 years solution while I buy a new graphics card.

The other solution is to go instead to a 27" monitor. I saw them but the display area upgrade does not seem to be that much coming from a 16:10 24 inch monitor. Also, the 27 seems less "overwhelming" than an ultrawide screen and can be bought for less than 1000$ There is also the upcoming asus strix XG32V that looks interesting but is freesync instead of g sync

Any suggestions?

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Old September 5, 2017, 07:14 AM
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My System Specs


I replaced my 2405 2 years ago with a Dell P2715Q, 27 inch 4k monitor. It came calibrated in factory, so I do not have to touch it at all. Size wise, you are right, not much bigger than the 2405, but it is 4k which is very nice. I do not do much gaming, only Dirt3 and it is great. Dell also have a 27in gaming monitor (but not IPS) which you might want to take a look at if you do gaming. I bought one for my grandson and he is very happy with it. In any case, black Friday or Christmas is a good time to buy.

edit: just saw this new Samsung Gaming QLED HDR 32" curved TV, US$600, take a look here"
Samsung CHG70 32" QLED HDR Gaming Monitor: First Look - AVSForum.com

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Old September 5, 2017, 08:27 AM
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My System Specs


I have an original X34 and have been very pleased with it. 1440p ultrawide is a very nice experience for gaming, and well, everything else too IMO. I think any of the new ultrawides, or a used original one like I found, are a good option. There is a lot of talk about HDR and 100 Hz or more for the new ones. Price is always a factor. Certainly you would want to get something that at least has 100 Hz or more at this point, even if your 1060 won't drive it. Just be warned: upgrading the monitor will likely drive you to upgrade your GPU before too long!

Concerning the 1060, "that bad" is kind of up to your expectations. You have already stated that you know the 1060 won't max out the graphics and that is correct. It certainly will struggle as you push the graphics settings up. 3440x1440 isn't quite 4K but it is close. Looking at 1060 reviews with 4K results will give you a good idea of what to expect; you'll get maybe a few more fps but not much. Personally I would stay away from 2560x1080 ultrawides. It would be easier for your 1060 to run but you are going to lose vertical screen space even over what you currently have. It is a resolution that makes no sense to me.

Getting a 27" monitor would still be an upgrade for you but as you said, not as much as an ultrawide. But they are cheaper. So depends on your budget. A monitor is something worth spending money on though I believe given the impact it has on every aspect of computer use.

Although there is a bit of debate on here about G-Sync I have found it excellent and well worth the money. It greatly improved my gaming experience because I am very susceptible to noticing tearing and G-Sync cleans that up completely. It gives a better gaming experience at slightly lower FPS (within reason) and that can help out a lower end card. I don't have any personal experience with Freesync so can't comment on that.
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Old September 5, 2017, 05:04 PM
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Well it really goes to the priority of my criteria I guess:

1- Display area: I want something bigger than 24" 16:10. 27" is an absolute minimum. I tried also the Z35P at my local Canada Computer and I really like the ultrawide format. I like the format and at the same time it overwhelmed me while playing Doom. However, the view distance and gaming position was less than ideal so that might be the reason of being overwhelmed. Another is that I simply am not used to play a game on such a large monitor.

2- Resolution: Over 1920 X 1200. I know that my 1060 will limit me but I buy a monitor for the next 5 years. I will simply reduce the video settings (mid to high) when I play games.

3- Contrast and color reproduction. I have a plasma TV and its contrast and color reproduction. There are no plasma monitor so the next best thing is either IPS or VA. VA has better contrast so maybe a VA panel with Quantum Dots will be a good compromise.

4- Refresh Rate: I know that the 1060 will not be able to go over 60fps with an high resolution monitor but since I buy for the long term, anything at or over 100Hz will be good.

5- g sync: Last criteria. There seems to have a 200$ difference betwen g sync and non g sync. At some point it will be a tossup for me after the first 4 criteria are good for the monitor.

The 27inch Samsung monitor suggested by Chris looks interesting as is the Samsung CF791 - VA. I am just not sure about Samsung's monitor track record and warrantly (1 year) compared to an Acer, AOC or Asus.
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Old September 10, 2017, 05:39 AM
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Well after looking at monitors, I think I will go for the Samsung CF791. A few questions:

I saw that the monitor had a few problems with freesync but with my 1060 that is not an issue

Will I miss g sync at some point with my 1060? I do not have g sync right now

Will Samsung release ultrawides with g sync in the near future?

Is this a good ultrawide monitor to choose from all the available ultrawides?

Thank you
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